Who Is David Sorbello? The Geneseo Professor Reportedly Gave A Transphobic Quiz To Students

Late last week, a sociology professor at New York's SUNY Geneseo college, David Sorbello, reportedly presented his students with a transphobic quiz, according to a tweet from student Jasmine Cui. In the photo included in Cui's tweet, the quiz appears to be titled "Female Or Shemale: Can You Tell?"

In response, a petition demanding the immediate firing of Sorbello has been signed by more than 200 students. In a statement, the college said that "we are taking the matter very seriously."

The quiz, projected onto the wall of a lecture hall, according to Cui's photo, was given during an introduction to sociology class. Jillian Sternberg, who took the photo now circulating online, told BuzzFeed News that the professor told her after class the quiz was "partially for humor."

In response, a petition by student Amelia Stachowiak was set up and titled, "Immediate Dismissal for David Sorbello."

According to Stachowiak's petition and a tweet by Cui, the professor addressed the incident by reportedly banning his students from taking photos of slides:

Stachowiak added in the petition:

The university won't comment on the specifics of the situation, but released several statements alluding to the incident. The first, from Geneseo president Denise A. Battles, read:

It went on to note that the college was taking time to carefully look into the matter.

"We are taking the matter very seriously and are gathering the facts to determine if and what action is warranted," she added. "SUNY Geneseo has a steadfast and uncompromising commitment to diversity and inclusivity."

Meanwhile, the SUNY Geneseo Student Association went on to release a statement of its own:

The petition also now reads: "Student Association is aware of and actively working on responding to this petition."