Who Is Derek Muller On 'Bill Nye Saves The World'? This Science Guy Is A Youtube Star

Eddy Chen/Netflix

One of the most fun elements in Bill Nye Saves The World is that, since it is a talk show, the host gets to have lots of fun guests. That includes actors and comedians, but also experts from various scientific fields. Who is Derek Muller from Bill Nye Saves The World? If you're still curious about the world, you've likely seen him before.

According to his website, Muller has a PhD in Physics Education Research from the University of Sydney, has been published internationally, and also studied engineering. Muller is a former teacher, a keynote speaker, and hosted the Australian PBS series Uranium. He's basically a Millennial Bill Nye, so it's not surprising that the original Science Guy has him on this new series.

Muller also runs the Youtube channel Veritasium — not to be confused with the Harry Potter potion Veritaserum. He is an internet personality for science geeks everywhere. That's where most Bill Nye Saves The World audience members will know him from, I'm guessing. His videos tackle different queries with interviews and experiments. Most of them have to do with physics and/or engineering, but not all of them.

Here are some examples of Muller's best work. If you loved his collaboration with Nye, you'll definitely want to check them out.

Physics Phenomena

Veritasium on YouTube

This clip presents several "mysteries" that are explained in another video.

Can Silence Drive You Crazy?

Veritasium on YouTube

You know you've wondered. Lots of fun sound experiments in this one.

Can You Solve This?

Veritasium on YouTube

This riddle will drive you crazy until you figure it out.

Spinning Tube Trick

Veritasium on YouTube

This is just a fun trick, kind of an optical illusion.

Misconceptions About The Universe

Veritasium on YouTube

Some of these make my brain hurt, I'm not going to lie.

Muller also has videos on education, global warming, evolution, history, and animals, as well as interviews with other scientists. He is the perfect addition to Bill Nye Saves The World — and it's awesome that his channel exists to keep the facts flowing.