Who Is Detective Rodie Sanchez From 'Killing Fields'? He Is A Truly Dedicated Investigator

Discovery Channel

If you are a fan of true crime, then I highly suggest that you run (don't walk) to the nearest television and check out Discovery Channel's second season of Killing Fields. This series is a documentary-style true crime show that follows real homicide cases, in real time. The cast of tough, dedicated investigators hail from Iberville Parish, Louisiana and have returned this season to further investigate the death of Louisiana State University college student, Eugenie Boisfontaine, who was murdered in 1997. No one is more committed to this particular cold case than Killing Fields Detective Rhodes "Rodie" Sanchez.

Honestly, it was Sanchez who hooked me into this show the minute he began speaking. He has a really fascinating and engaging personality and it makes you want to know more about him right from the jump. Most of the time that Sanchez is speaking to the camera in his talking head interview segments, he is sitting in a chair in the woods, wearing a white tank top and grasping a drink in his hand. He passionately swears, he uses amazing southern sayings, and he is impossible to take your eyes away from.

This is all just scratching the surface of Detective Sanchez. He is actually technically retired. After 32 years working for the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Department, he was ready to hang up his badge and take it easy. Well, he gave retirement a shot, and it just wasn't working for him. You see, he made a promise to the mother of Eugenie Boisfontaine that he would find her killer. When the case went cold and he retired without being able to solve it, he simply couldn't rest. He came out of retirement to fulfill his promise and solve the Boisfontaine case once and for all. Sanchez is clearly an investigator who cares deeply about the people that he tries to bring about justice for.

Discovery Channel

The series is shot in real time, which they remind you of a lot during the episodes. Basically, the viewers are coming along for the ride and living this case with these detectives and investigative team. The best part of this series is how involved you start to feel while you watch. Throughout the episodes, it is Sanchez who makes you truly feel his emotions right along with him. He is extremely passionate about his work and for this case in particular. He gets angry when new grisly details emerge, he gets sad when he reaches a halt in the case, and he endearingly rejoices when his tireless work pays off.

According to his Discovery Channel bio, Sanchez spends his free time caring for a bevy of pets including, chickens, miniature goats, ponies, and donkeys. So basically, he is an extremely interesting and well-rounded individual. Make sure you tune in to Killing Fields on Discovery Channel, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. to catch even more of Detective Sanchez doing his best work.