This Actor Isn't Just Dev Patel's Potential GF

by Daniela Cabrera
Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although he went to the Oscars on Sunday night with his mom as his date, it looks like Lion star Dev Patel might actually have a lady in his life. Patel is reportedly dating Tilda Cobham-Hervey, and the two were spotted together, holding hands. But who is she? Turns out, Cobham-Hervey is an Australian actor, who is also one of Patel's co-stars on a new film. (Bustle has reached out to Patel's rep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication; Cobham-Hervey's rep does not comment on her clients' personal lives.)

Before we go any further, I guess I can point out the obvious: Patel might be developing a thing for dating co-stars, considering he previously dated his Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto. And I totally get it. You spend so much time with one person in a really bizarre circumstance, so something is more likely to grow from there.

Per People, the two were spotted walking in Los Angeles the day after the Oscars and Patel's mother, Anita, was with them. Sure, my Dev-loving heart is shattered, but I don't doubt that Cobham-Hervey is a wonderful woman.

Her First Major Film Ever Went To Sundance

In 2013, Cobham-Hervey starred in 52 Tuesdays, in which she played Billie, a teenager who has a transgender parent. She told Sundance.org of her role, “Not having worked in film was actually a blessing... It was like being in a giant Sims game, being controlled, or like being in a choose-your-own-adventure novel.”

She Was A Circus Performer

Not many people can say they actually worked in the circus, but well, she did. In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Cobham-Hervey described her circus beginnings and said,

"I started doing circus school when I was about nine, and then at 14 me and six and other members of the youth circus made a company... It was more circus theatre, circus storytelling. My parents are both in the arts and I had grown up watching my mum perform and my dad light shows. What I really loved was the process of making something and coming up with different ways to tell stories."

She Co-Stars With Dev In Hotel Mumbai

It seems that Patel and Cobham-Hervey met on the set of Hotel Mumbai, which she signed on to star in last June, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will center around "the 2008 terrorist attacks on the Taj Mahal hotel in India" and is expected to be released this year.

She's Signed To A Big Talent Agency in U.S.

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After her breakout role in 52 Tuesdays, she was signed by Creative Artists Agency, CAA, which is a big deal for a young Austalian actor, or any actor at all! She told the Sydney Morning Herald of her relationship with the agency, "I'm into the more unusual, off-beat smaller things, and they're totally OK with that. They believe in the things that I'm interested in."

She Admires Many Multi-Talented Women In The Biz

Cobham-Hervey has her eyes set on a career similar to that of many extremely talented women in Hollywood, which I think says wonders about her aspirations. She told Marie Claire Australia ,

I really admire Miranda July, who is a sort of performance artist who works in so many different forms of theatre and art and film and writing. I also love Mia Wasikowska, I think she’s incredible. Tilda Swinton. Ah, hundreds... I write a lot just to get things out of my brain. I don’t know if it’s worth anyone looking at it, but I do enjoy doing it.

With her trajectory so far, I have a feeling that Cobham-Hervey is going to be a young force to be reckoned with in the acting world.