Who Is Eva Marie's Husband Jonathan Coyle? 4 Things To Know About the 'Total Divas' Star

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Natalie "Eva Marie" Coyle has done a lot in her life. She's an actor, a former WWE star (she was a professional wrestler form 2013 to 2017), and a reality star. She's also married, and Eva Marie's husband, Jonathan Coyle, is no slouch himself. The two have been married since 2014, and they even own a business together.

Coyle knew Eva Marie was the one after just a few months of dating, and their proposal and wedding were featured on the E! reality show Total Divas, which Eva Marie starred on until she left WWE in 2017. As the star of a TV show, and a star of the WWE world, Eva Marie lived her life in the spotlight. Coyle, however, appeared in a handful of episodes of Total Divas, including their wedding, which aired in October of 2014. He also worked as her manager, which was a source of tension on the show. But other than that, it was hard to get a real sense of who Jonathan Coyle really is.

Today, Eva Marie and Coyle are still going strong, and here's everything you need to know about Coyle to give you an idea of how their relationship works now that the cameras aren't rolling.

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