Hugh Grant Just Married Anna Eberstein & Here's What You Need To Know About Her

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It seems impossible to believe, but in the year 2018, Hugh Grant has gotten married at age 57 on May 25, as reported by several media outlets. So, who is Hugh Grant's wife Anna Eberstein, and how did she finally get the longtime bachelor to settle down for good?

There's not much fans are able to learn about Eberstein for the moment. UK newspaper The Daily Mail came up with some information about her family in a article from a few years back:

She is the daughter of Susanne Eberstein, a judge and prominent left-wing politician. She and her husband Hans – also a judge – earn an estimated £320,000 a year between them and own a number of properties including a beach house. As members of Sweden’s ‘great and good’, they have dined with the royal family at Stockholm’s castle several times.

However, this information was not sourced, and it's best to take it with a grain of salt. The publication also didn't answer the mystery of how Grant and Eberstein first became acquainted — but perhaps fans will find out how their love story began at some point.

Not much is known about Eberstein, other than the fact that she has a successful career, she's gorgeous, and she married Hugh Grant, who is entering a marriage for the first time at the age of 57. Eberstein is 39. Despite the couple's preference for keeping things low-key, their intent to wed was discovered thanks to an eagle-eyed fan spotting the paperwork, according to The Sun.

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As a suave, English actor and star of many high-profile romantic comedies, Hugh Grant has been a catch for the last, oh, three decades. His longest public relationship was with actor Elizabeth Hurley, though they never married. After his breakup with Hurley, Grant had brief relationships — plural — with a woman named Tinglan Hong, about whom little is known. For the last six or so years, Grant has dated Anna Eberstein, who USA Today reveals is a Swedish television producer. Eberstein is also mother to three of Grant's five children. Grant's other two children are with Hong.

In 2016, Grant explained his view on marriage on the Howard Stern Show: “I can see the lovely aspect if you marry exactly the right person — your best friend and it’s cozy and it’s lovely.” And it looks like the British actor may have found that.

After spending more than half his lifetime in the spotlight, Grant has learned to keep his personal life as private as possible. Fans can't be sure of how he first met Eberstein, or what caused him to reunite with Hong after their first breakup, but finally commit to Eberstein years later.

Interestingly, Grant also maintains a close friendship with Hurley, whom he dated from 1987-2000. He's even godfather to her son. Per People, Hurley's son was born two years after her breakup from Grant. After the early 2000s, though, Grant's relationship status news became elusive and private. He reportedly does not enjoy the whole "being a celebrity" thing.

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It's hard to believe that Grant's never been married before. It feels like he was, right? At least to Hurley, at some point. But it's not the case — he's becoming a husband for the first time at the age of 57. Grant became a father later in life as well, though; he and Hong welcomed their first child in 2011, when Grant was 51. Not long afterwards, the Daily Mail reports, Eberstein became pregnant with Grant's second child. After he and Eberstein split up, Grant reunited with Hong, who would then have another child with Grant.

When Grant and Eberstein got back together, though, it was for good. The couple welcomed Grant's fifth child earlier this month, just weeks before their small wedding ceremony. It's never too late to get a happily ever after, after all.