This Israeli Designer Was Asked To Sketch Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress & Her Previous Evening Gowns Are Breathtaking

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With Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's upcoming nuptials, many things have been so far confirmed. We know they're tying the knot in spring — on May 19th to be exact. We know that they're going to skip Westminster Abbey — where Kate Middleton and Prince William got married — and instead do it at St. George's Chapel, which is nestled on the grounds of Windsor Castle, making it a cozy affair. But while some of the details for the upcoming nuptials are becoming more and more apparent, one glaring (and exciting) question still remains: Who will design the dress?

Well, we might have the answer to that soon. Israel-based bridal designer Inbal Dror might be Meghan Markle's wedding dress designer. Dror confirmed that, at the request of Kensington Palace, she sent a sketch for Markle to look over and consider. While at first the sketch was top secret, Dror did leak the drawings and put a ton of our questions at rest. Will it be modest and lace-based? Will it be slinky and vivacious? Will it be romantic with lots of tulle?

It turns out, if Markle ends up choosing Dror, it will be modest, but simple.

We know that Markle's own personal vision is to walk down in a classic but simple gown, meaning we probably shouldn't expect too many crystals, layers of lace, or yards and yards of fabric and tulle. "I personally prefer dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic," she told Hello!

It looks like the designer took her preferences into consideration, creating two different frocks that walked the line with that aesthetic in mind. The first gown looks like it's a mermaid-tail silhouette, with slightly puffy shoulders and a high collar with a lace front. The back has what looks like a dramatic tulle train, and a lacy back. The second dress, which would probably be the more dramatic gown for the ceremony, has a heavier skirt with embellishments on the hem and waist.

Dror is a bit of a wild card choice, especially considering royal brides usually choose British designers. It's fun to see Markle break with tradition and, instead, solicit designs from someone that would better cater to her own personal aesthetic and vision.

Dror's style seems to be in step with what Markle likes, especially considering her past collections. She tends to veer towards the sexy, with plunging necklines, sheer accents, and romantic, glittering embellishments. And although her name isn't known worldwide yet like, say, Dior or Alexander McQueen, that's not to say Dror's label is small. For example, Beyoncé wore a bridal gown from the designer’s collection to present an award at the 2016 Grammys, and it was a slinky, sheer and lacy affair with daring, thigh-high slits on either side.

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While these sketches prove that Markle won't be going with something as daring as that, she is still putting her own stamp on the design. While we don't know yet if Dror will be the winner, some are speculating that she might be taken out of the running because she leaked her sketches. The royals like to stick to their protocol, and the idea was to keep the dress a secret until Kensington Palace was prepared to announce it.

However, in case that's not true, below are some of the designer's past dress collections to give you a better idea of what the finished product would look like, if she does win.

Daring Princess Gowns

While some of Dror's designs are down-right sexy, others have a more princess-like feel to them. But that doesn't mean that puffy sleeves and yards of heavy fabric are involved. Instead, they have modern plunging necklines and blush-pink undertones.

Shimmering Accents

The designer also loves a good glitter detail, often times using embellishments that give off a healthy amount of sparkle.

Slinky Wedding Gowns

But at the end of the day, Dror's signature look is sexy. She utilizes sheer paneling and silk, creating dresses that show off a woman's figure, and proves that she isn't afraid to be sexy.

While Markle won't be walking down in quite that kind of a dress, it is pretty cool to see her consider a wild card designer.