Jack From 'Below Deck Med' Has Some Strange Bedtime Habits

Greg Endries/Bravo

The Below Deck Mediterranean drama on the high seas is back, and this time in the south of France. One of the newbies on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 is Jack the Deckhand. According to his Bravo bio, Jack comes with a lot of seafaring experience. He previously worked as an engineer in the merchant navy. It's not clear for which country, but presumably the UK, which is where he was born.

His bio says he was born and raised in Liverpool, which is also where The Beatles grew up. And, much like John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the early days of Beatlemania, Jack is all about the women. His Bravo bio touts as much, saying, "With his crazy curls, year-round tan and smooth accent, it is easy to see why Jack is quite the ladies’ man."

He didn't always have the chance to be a ladies' man, though. In a video clip introducing the cast, Jack said that he didn't get much action while in the merchant navy. "I used to shave one leg in bed so it made it feel like I was in bed with a woman," Jack said. "Don't have to do that anymore," he added. Let's hope he's joking.

Don't know who wouldn't want to date this merchant navy employee with a dirty jumpsuit like this below, though.

From the sounds of it, Jack will get up to a little romantic fun on Below Deck Med, but now that the show is over and he's moved on, he's found a steady girlfriend. According to his Instagram, he's been dating a woman named Kelly since at least October of 2018 when he posted a selfie of the two of them for the first time.

The two have been going strong since then. Location tags on their photos show that they've traveled to Italy and Dubai together. Dubai is actually where Jack is now based for work since the Below Deck Med yatching season is over. According to his LinkedIn, he's still in the yachting business, though. His page says he's a charter broker for YachtLife based in Dubai. YachtLife is an app that basically seems to just make the yacht chartering business more simple. You can see which yachts are available for travel and when and book your trip all on your phone. You know, if you have thousands of dollars for that kind of thing.

In any case, Jack seems to have lucked out and found a girlfriend who's able to travel with him when he does. According to her Instagram, she's a fashion stylist and blogger. As of June 2, the two were still happily dating, according to a post on Jack's Instagram.

As for his time on the show, in addition to his role as "ladies' man" as so determined by his Bravo bio, Jack gets into a little trouble with some of the yacht's guests when he leaves them behind on an excursion. A clip from the series shows Third Stew Anastasia and Jack on a hunt to find milk. While they're searching for dairy, the ship's guests are ready to go home, but there's no crew to take them back. Seems like he'll definitely get in trouble for that one.

To see what other shenanigans he gets up to, check out Below Deck Mediterranean's new season beginning June 3 on Bravo.