Who Is Jacquelyn On 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'? The Baudelaire Orphans Have A Mysterious Ally

The first season A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix not only introduces the intelligent and resourceful Baudelaire orphans, but the vast conspiracy that surrounds them. They may be alone in the world, but the three children are not without allies. Who is Jacquelyn on A Series Of Unfortunate Events? Played by Sara Canning, she is one of the only characters who does not appear in Lemony Snicket's novels, but she may be inspired by them. There are spoilers, a word which here means forthcoming information, ahead for Season 1 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

Jacquelyn is first introduced as Mr. Poe's assistant, but it soon becomes clear that she is working with Gustav Sebald to get the Baudelaire children to their Uncle Monty, a fellow member of their secret organization. She plays Gerta in Gustav Sebald's film Zombies in the Snow. She reaches out briefly to the Baudelaires, fights Count Olaf, and seems to have some kind of history with him. While she may be one of the good guys, like most adults in the series, she is not always very helpful in an immediate sense. Why spend time disguising oneself as an elaborate garden statue? She could have tried to save Uncle Monty, or offered that the three children run away with her.

Her name, according to the Netflix credits is Jacquelyn, though in the credits of Zombies In The Snow, it is Jacqueline Scieszka. On the poster Monty passes it's Jacquelyn Seieszka. I'm not sure whether these inconsistencies are intentional or not. She joins a series of characters from the books with "JS" initials, like Justice Strauss, Julio Sham, and Jerome Squalor. Here are some guesses as to Jacquelyn's true identity.

Lemony Snicket's Sister

Joe Lederer/Netflix

In the novels, the Baudelaire orphans meet two of the narrator's twin siblings — his sister Kit Snicket, and brother Jacques Snicket. Jacques comes to their aid in The Vile Village and is mistaken for Count Olaf. Kit, on the other hand, appears towards the end of the series in The Grim Grotto.

Perhaps the Netflix series is combining these characters. Or, perhaps they are just swapping them, and we will meet Kit in the Vile Village episode instead. "Kit" can be a man's name as well, short for Christopher.

Since both Kit and Jacques are VFD operatives working against Count Olaf, judging by Jacquelyn's name this is the most likely outcome in my opinion.

Sally Sebald

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Could she be Gustav's sister, who helped make Zombies In The Snow, instead?

A Denouement Sibling

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Like Game of Thrones, this series has more than one powerful family. Also like Game of Thrones, many members of most of these families die. Jacquelyn could be related to Dewey, Frank, and Ernest.

A New Character Entirely

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There are plenty of characters from Daniel Handler's books to choose from in speculation. Maybe she is Carmelita Spat's mother, or Captain Widdershins.

All we know is that she is part of a secret organization, and seems to be working on the side of the Baudelaire orphans in her own way. If the show returns for Season 2, I'm looking forward to see what more is revealed about this mysterious woman.