Who Is JB Moranville? 'Riverdale' Dedicated The Pilot Episode To Him

The CW

On Thursday night, the pilot episode of Riverdale premiered on the CW with a very special end credit. The Riverdale pilot was dedicated to JB Moranville. But, if you're not super familiar with the film and TV industry, you may not have known who that was. According to Deadline, he was a producer on Riverdale, so the episode tribute to him makes sense. Sadly, Moranville passed away in October of 2016, Deadline reported. The outlet did not have any further details about how Moranville died, but that's not really what matters anyway.

What is important is his legacy in the industry, and what a one it is. He's been a director and a producer for a number of television shows since the '60s. Some producing highlights include the '90s MacGyver, the shows Pacific Blue and General Hospital and a number of one-word name TV shows like Drive, Crash, Cult, and Crisis as well as Red Band Society. He also directed episodes of Robin's Hoods, Pacific Blue, and 18 Wheels of Justice.

Moranville may not have been a household name, but he was a significant member of his industry as well as of the new CW show Riverdale. It's sad that he didn't make it to see it go to air, but it's fitting that the fledgling show honored him by dedicating their first episode to a man who helped make it happen. He may be gone, but he will certainly not be forgotten by those whose lives he was apart of throughout his illustrious career.