O.J. Simpson Says Former Guard Jeff Felix Is A "Fraud"

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In a hot mic moment during his parole hearing, O.J. Simpson was recorded talking about a man he called a "complete fraud," a sentiment his attorney, Malcolm LaVergne reiterated in a press conference. But exactly who is Jeffrey Felix, the man they were referring to? The former Lovelock Correctional Center guard has been open about his experience with Simpson — in fact, he wrote a book about it.

Titled Guarding the Juice: How O.J. Simpson Became My Prison BFF, the book is about Felix's "daily unfettered access to the most notorious and controversial" celebrity in the Nevada Department of Corrections. According to Felix's personal website, "O.J. told me exactly what happened the night of the murders." And as Simpson's parole hearing crept closer, Felix spoke out about their reported relationship, saying Simpson was a model inmate who "kept clean for nine years."

In a recent interview, Felix claimed to have intervened on Simpson's behalf when Simpson was nearly written up for having a cookie. Having a write-up on his record would have impacted his chances at parole, so Felix stepped in to make sure that didn't happen, he claimed.

Simpson and LaVergne spoke sarcastically about Felix as they waited for the parole board to deliberate. "He saved you," LaVergne joked, "he saved you from having any infractions, 'cause you were gonna get written up for it, right?" Simpson sarcastically replied, "Thank you," while rolling his eyes. LaVergne then attacked the character and appearance of Felix, stating, "Who would believe anyone with a mullet like that?"

Later in a news conference, LaVergne questioned why reporters would give credence to anything Felix has to say. LaVergne claimed Felix makes up stories and said he's told news networks that this guy is "ridiculous."

The attorney also reportedly blacklisted any reporters who went with the cookie story and said prison officials should strip Felix of his pension benefits.

As Simpson has come back into the spotlight recently thanks to a few documentaries and TV specials, Felix has been appearing on cable news to talk about his alleged relationship with Simpson. But Simpson claims they hardly knew each other and that Felix wasn't even assigned to his part of the prison. He's called Felix's appearances on TV to talk about him "shameless."