Josephine From 'The Bachelor' Is One To Beat

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Mitch Haaseth/ABC

It doesn't officially feel like a new year until another season of The Bachelor premieres to bring love, heartbreak, tears, and roses to us all. This season, Nick Viall is the Bachelor, and honestly, hasn't he kind of earned his spot more than any of the previous bachelors? This guy has been through some serious heartbreak and now he finally gets to be the guy handing out all of the roses. Luckily, Nick has a bevy of great women to date this season. The cast of romantic hopefuls is huge and full of amazing ladies for fans to root for. One lady in particular will likely have you falling in love with her from the get-go: Bachelor contestant Josephine.

Her ABC profile tells us a lot about this lovely lady. Josephine comes from Santa Cruz, California where she is a registered nurse. Yeah, she helps save lives. No big deal. When asked what animal she would like to be, given the chance, she responded that she would choose a lion or a tiger because "they're clever, loving and get things done." She also loves that "they run in packs, so they always have support." To me, that signals that this girl is loyal and can hang with a group of women — a key to success on a show like this.

I think I really fell for Josephine when she responded to the question of who she would like to be for one day with, "Stephen Hawking." Basically, she wants to know what it is like to have the immense intellect and brain-power that he possesses. First, as a registered nurse, Josephine likely has a pretty impressive brain herself and second, it is amazing to hear one of these contestants give a really unique answer to that particular question. This shows some real depth, and Nick could use that in his life, right?

A few other tidbits from her ABC bio include the fact that she loves musical theater and considers herself a spiritual person who is "very open to all religions." Can I give her my rose? Seriously. I think Josephine is going to be the one to beat here.

Of course, I also had to take a look at her Instagram because I feel like you can grab a good snapshot of someone's personality through their posts on that particular social media platform. What I learned was that Josephine has the closet of my dreams. She is so fashionable and effortless in her style.

Josephine is also an amazingly talented and gorgeous model. Her website shows that she has been featured on a few magazine covers and has worked with several designers for campaigns that she has posted photos of on her Instagram. Brains, beauty, and badassery? I can't handle the crush I have on Josephine, guys.

I am psyched to see if Josephine steals Nick's heart when The Bachelor premieres. But, even if she doesn't, she'll still be my favorite of the season.