This YouTube Sensation Is Hosting A Netflix Show About Cooking — With Weed


Cannabis enthusiasts were left with a weed-less Netflix gallery after the sudden cancellation of Netflix original series Disjointed, but where one door closes, another one opens. And behind that new door is Netflix’s latest original marijuana-focused series, Cooking on High. The show is essentially Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef plus weed, and it’s going to be hosted by Josh Leyva. If you’re not subscribed to his videos on YouTube, you may be wondering who Josh Leyva is.

“TV Host” is new to his resume, but Leyva has been entertaining audiences with his comedic videos, zany impersonations, and ridiculous challenges for quite some time. And in the past, you may have come across some of his viral content without even realizing it.

You might recognize him more easily as the guy who impersonates Zayn Malik or annoys his girlfriend. While scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve come across “Annoying My Girlfriend,” a silly two-minute video in which Leyva dances, flails, and sings behind his girlfriend in a slew of different costumes, doing wacky impersonations while she’s putting on makeup in the bathroom. Leyva uploaded the video in 2015, and it has since amassed over 4 million views.

Since posting "Annoying My Girlfriend," Leyva’s channel has grown immensely (he now has over 2 million subscribers), and so have his videos. Leyva's new content is much more polished than his earlier videos, but his channel still maintains his brand as a quirky comedian who enjoys adopting new personas. When he’s not filming character sketches, Leyva is either vlogging, filming challenges with friends, or telling personal stories to his followers. He’s also made a few music videos, and of course, they have a comedic twist.

Outside YouTube, Leyva has been featured in a few films, including Dirty 30 (starring Mamrie Hart, who also gained popularity on YouTube). He's also super into fitness (hence his YouTube handle, yomuscleboi), and he occasionally shares workout videos with his followers. Even then, though, Leyva is cracking jokes.

A lot of his past content features his well-known ex-girlfriend of three years, Chachi Gonzales, whose dance crew won America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011. Per his Twitter, he's now "hella single" (and if his relationship status has changed since November 2017, he hasn't gone public with it).

Some viewers may have been surprised, then, to see his recent video, titled, "*NEW* Girlfriend Does My Makeup." The video features makeup artist Nikita Dragon, and Leyva admits in the description that the title was just for the clicks. And for the record, he's not totally and completely alone. He has a really cute dog.

By the looks of his Instagram, he's into fashion as well, and, uh, being shirtless. And despite landing a gig as the host of a marijuana-centered cooking show, there's little evidence of either of those things on his social media accounts.

Of course, social media doesn't tell all, so viewers may learn a lot about Leyva when Cooking on High premieres. And even if he doesn't have all of the knowledge on baking bud, he'll be surrounded by people on the show who do. The expert judge list is extensive, including marijuana activist Ngaio Bealum. Bealum's expertise will surely be needed, as the chefs will be tasked with not only whipping up tasty treats, but making sure the judges fly high.

A stoney snack is known to warrant over-the-top laughter, and it's safe to say that Leyva's comedy is intentionally over the top. Maybe that's where he fits into the show's design. But curious fans will have to watch Cooking on High to find out for sure.