'This Way Up's Bradley Has Also Starred In Two Of Your Absolute Fave TV Shows

by Lollie King
Dan Wooller/Shutterstock

This Way Up is a new six part comedy series that is set to hit Channel 4 soon. The show stars Aisling Bea as Aine, a woman who is recovering from a "teeny little nervous breakdown". Made in association with Hulu, the comedy also stars Sharon Horgan with appearances from Aasif Mandvi, Ricky Grover, and Kadiff Kirwan, who plays Aine's flatmate Bradley. But who is Kadiff Kirwan? The This Way Up actor has been in some seriously major shows.

If Kirwan's face looks familiar, don't worry you aren't dreaming, you probably have seen him somewhere before. As per his agent's website, some of his acting credits include major shows like Black Mirror, Chewing Gum, Timewasters, Drunk History and Fleabag, to name a few. No wonder he looks so familiar, right?

Aside from his acting career, Kirwan has lead a pretty eventful life. In an interview with Radio Times, he detailed his "most formative moment" which was when his family was forced to escape a natural disaster.

He told the publication: "before my family moved to the UK when I was nine, we lived in the Caribbean. For seven of those nine years, Montserrat was home — until the volcanic eruption in 1995 changed everything. Two of my older brothers and I were at primary school. It was a beautiful day and then, ten minutes later, it was suddenly dark outside. We got home but not everyone did. Two aunties died and it wasn’t long before we left for Antigua because my family wasn’t prepared to risk staying." He continued "today, that home we rushed back to is under 14 feet of ash."

Despite the difficulties of his early life, Kirwan has carved out a promising career for himself. He recently played Mayor in Detective Pikachu which I'm hoping will be just the start of several major Hollywood blockbuster roles for this talented actor.

In an interview with Metro, he explained why appearing in the film was such a big deal for him. "I was such a massive Pokemon fan as a kid, so the fact that I was even auditioning? I was like 'This is going to get me so many brownie points at Christmas dinner!'," he said. "And my brother was going to be so jealous! And then I got the part, to make him even more jealous! I was very happy about that. It was absolutely brilliant, we had such a laugh on that. It was great. I think people are going to love it."

Kirwan's Instagram is a real treat too, so if you aren't already following him, I'd encourage you to do it ASAP. Like right now, seriously. What can we gather from his pics? Well he really loves his friends. There are a whole load of photos of him and his mates at different festivals, rocking some serious fashion looks. A leopard print two piece, crop tops, mesh and neon, Kirwan is seriously not afraid of being bold his fashion and it works. One photo even features Phoebe Waller-Bridge. So if you're to follow someone new, with high quality content and a sprinkling of famous faces, Kirwan's your guy.