Lee From 'The Bachelorette' Is A Trump Supporter

Paul Hebert/ABC

The Bachelorette premiered on May 22 and with so many handsome faces in the running for Rachel's heart, I'd be remiss not to highlight one particular contestant and his interesting political stance. So, who is Lee on The Bachelorette? According to his ABC biography, he's a 30-year-old singer-songwriter. On his Instagram account, Lee Garrett proclaims himself to be an "exceptionally southern" man who's competing to be the perfect suitor for Rachel. At first glance, he's got all the bells and whistles to pull it off. But, when he's not competing on the franchise and serenading the people of Nashville — and supporting President Donald Trump via social media — which could be a red flag for Rachel depending on her own political views.

According to his Instagram bio, Lee is an actor, too, and he attended University of Florida from 2005 to 2008. His social media snaps show that he enjoys going to dive bars and even can get down on a game of jumbo Jenga; you know, the finer things in life. Cool, right? In one IG photo, he even unapologetically dons a cowboy hat in front of an American flag, which inspired me to do a little research on his political standing.

Back in November, we were all on the edge of our sofa after midnight to see the results of a historical election play out — and Lee was celebrating the Trump victory, according to International Business Times.

Lee even went on to call those who protested Trump sore losers and he tweeted that he "found [his] calling" in being a meninist. Is this part of being so-called "pleasantly offensive," which Lee mentions in his IG bio?

On Garrett's Bachelorette profile, he reveals his most embarrassing style phase, which was also one that was appropriated from black culture.

"What's the most embarrassing style you've rocked? Hip hop type, baggy clothes in middle school. Embarrassing. Echo, FUBU, Air Force Ones? Whatttt? No."

While Lee could turn out to be a nice guy, it's hard to ignore some of these red flags on the surface. If you ask me, we can't say a person's political standing is meaningless in the Trump era, because it can give us a sense of a person's attitudes, feelings, and focus. Rachel did mention prior to the season that she would not feed into drama, but will Lee prove to be her exception? We'll have to watch and find out this season.