Who Is Miss Thailand 2016? Chalita "Namtan" Suansane Is A Miss Universe Contestant For The Ages

FOX Broadcasting Co.

When the 80+ contestants from around the globe were narrowed to just 13 people, Miss Thailand, Chalita "Namtan" Suansane, became Miss Universe's lucky 13th contestant to advance. And, she got there due to over a million fans voting to get her through the competition. Imagine being so beloved that a million people come out to vote for you to succeed in one of the world's largest pageants.

Not that Miss Thailand didn't deserve it, though. She's an amazingly accomplished woman. According to her Miss Universe bio, she's a 21-year-old microbiology student. In addition to being insanely smart, she also is incredibly compassionate. According to her bio, she "volunteers at ‘Baan Home Hug’ which is an orphanage that houses children who have inherited HIV from their parents, children who were abused, and children who have lost their family." Her platform, should she win Miss Universe, would be to raise awareness and help those with HIV and AIDS. She also wants to inspire young women everywhere that "fulfilling your own passions, having self-respect, and being compassionate to others will make you confidently beautiful in your own way."

Talk about one cool lady, right? With all that going on, it's not surprising that she has a lot of fans who helped vote her to where she is today.

Will she end up victorious and the next Miss Universe? Maybe, but, even if she doesn't, at least she's already won the people's hearts.