There May Be A New Beau On ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Michael Desmond/The CW

Just when you thought it was clear who Rebecca would end up with, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend goes and messes everything up. Who is Nathaniel, Rebecca's new boss, and could he be a new love interest for her? There's certainly reason to believe that the devilishly handsome Stanford grad and semi-villainous new guy at Whitefeather & Associates will be throwing a few wrenches into some of the best laid plans. This can only mean one thing for Rebecca: she is probably going to get tested professionally and personally, possibly ruining her second chance at a relationship with Josh.

Nathaniel is all about making big changes at Whitefeather & Associates, but he could be changing people's lives in more ways than one. After buying the law firm from Darryl, Nathaniel made it clear that he was looking to drastically reshape the firm and make it a well-oiled machine. Rebecca was less than enthusiastic to not only be broken out of her renewed love bubble with Josh and learn this news, but was further angered when Nathaniel revealed he would be laying off employees in order to save the firm money.

Rebecca vowed to find a way to not only save the firm but also save jobs by finding a new client. While working on a way to secure the client, it became clear (at least, to those viewers who know how the show works) that Nathaniel could be a strong romantic foil for Rebecca.

Michael Desmond/The CW

While juggling intense work commitments, Rebecca has also found herself in the middle of a renewed and stronger relationship with Josh. After agreeing to go to dinner with Josh and his parents, she was surprised to see Nathaniel magically appear at the same restaurant. Rachel proceeded to confront Nathaniel and then get distracted by his mere presence. She tried to shake of the nerves of him being in close proximity, Rebecca could stand it no longer. She interrupted the dinner and left, choosing instead to channel her energy into securing the client and fulfilling her end of her bargain with Nathaniel to save jobs.

A new love interest is the last thing Rebecca needs now that she and Josh have said "I love you" to one another, but Nathaniel could be that guy. He is certainly a match in brains, ambition, and banter, all of which Josh is (adorably) lacking. Plus, Nathaniel loves getting in his digs about Josh while chatting with Rebecca, setting up further opposition between the two men. Will her relationship with Josh be affected? Will she be forced to choose between beaus? Rebecca definitely has her hands full now.