Everything You Need To Know About Tiffany Trump's Boyfriend

The second First Daughter typically makes far fewer headlines than her older siblings, but the 23-year-old's move to Washington has sparked interest in her in recent weeks. The Trump heir is creating a life for herself that mostly exists outside of her father's world, including a long-term boyfriend from a prominent New York family. Ross Mechanic, Tiffany Trump's boyfriend, is much more white collar than his last name may suggest.

Mechanic is a New York City native whose father, like Tiffany's, is involved in the city's massive real estate industry — according to the law firm Fried Frank, Jonathon Mechanic is a partner in the real estate department. The elder Mechanic and Donald Trump worked together several times over the years, beginning in 1998 when Trump purchased the old General Motors building in Manhattan. According to The Daily Mail, Donald Trump once gave Mechanic's father an inscribed copy of his book The Art of the Deal that bore the personal message: 'To the greatest real estate lawyer in the world, best wishes, Donald.'

The younger Mechanic went to high school at the prestigious Friends Seminary school in New York, and attended the University of Pennsylvania to study software engineering. There, he met Trump, and though it's not clear when exactly he and the First Daughter became an item, they've been pictured all over each other's Instagram accounts since October 2015.

According to Mechanic's LinkedIn page, he's currently working at a start-up called Cadre, which was founded by none other than Tiffany's brother-in-law Jared Kushner. He lists his job location as New York City, which could be an issue in the coming year. Tiffany is starting law school at Georgetown University in D.C. this fall, meaning the young couple may have to pursue their relationship long-distance for now.

Like Tiffany, Mechanic has avoided the media spotlight over the last two years. He hasn't been featured in any interviews with her, nor has he significantly increased his social media presence since they've been dating (his Facebook account is super private, and he doesn't appear to have a Twitter account).

Trump's boyfriend is largely unknown, but depending on how things shake out in coming months, he could be a much more visible presence. Now that Trump is moving to Washington, she could potentially take a larger role in her father's administration, making Mechanic even more intriguing to the American people.