O.J. Simpson's Sister Shirley Baker Reportedly Remains Supportive

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After O. J. Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery nearly 10 years ago, the former NFL player found a reliable supporter in one particular person: his sister. Simpson's sister, Shirley Baker, has been on his side for years now. In an in-depth interview with Inside Edition, Baker described how she and Simpson have handled the ordeal of him being sentenced to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping in a case involving sports memorabilia. According to Baker, she and Simpson speak to each other on the phone every week and meet four times a year at the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada.

Little is known about Baker. Some of the basics include the fact that Baker is Simpson's eldest sibling. According to a profile piece published on Simpson in The Independent in 1997, Baker resided in San Francisco with her husband, Benny Baker. Simpson's older sister is reportedly incredibly protective of her younger brother. Earlier this year, according to the Inside Edition report, Baker visited her brother at the facility alongside his friend, Tom Scotto. It had been the first time in eight long years that the older sibling said she was able to "put my arms around him."

According to the same Independent article published in 1997, elements of Baker's personality became somewhat clearer. She had been described as a religious individual who kept her doors open to local black churches.

Another report by The Los Angeles Times in 1995 described Baker's plans to reportedly provide counseling, monetary assistance as well as pro bono legal services to the family members of people accused of violating the law. The idea, according to Los Angeles Times, was for Baker to apparently provide private and non-profit help for the families related to the accused "principal breadwinner."

As mentioned before by way of the Inside Edition interview, Baker was able to see her brother and embrace him for the first time in eight years. The older sister was particular about the details of the reported meeting with her sibling. She described sharing coffee, a sandwich, and popcorn at the table with him.

Simpson has reportedly been on his best behavior in prison, and observers say that it's likely he will be granted parole. For her part, Baker is convinced that Simpson should be set free. In the Inside Edition interview, Baker shared her thoughts in simple and straightforward terms. “He's there, he’s doing his time, he abided by the rules. And I just hope and pray that they will give him parole,” she said.