The Closing Ceremony Basically Turned Into A Giant Dance Party & Twitter Was SO Into It

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When you think about super-hype parties, the Olympics closing ceremony is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But with performances from South Korean mega-entertainers like CL and EXO, you probably had an idea that the ceremony in PyeongChang would be pretty awesome. Things went to the next level at the end of the two-hour ceremony, though, when a DJ at the Olympics closing ceremony turned the whole thing into a giant dance fest. And if he wasn't on your radar already as someone you definitely need to have on your playlist, he will be now.

Don't feel bad if you didn't recognize him, but he's a pretty big deal: Martin Garrix is a 21-year-old DJ from the Netherlands, and he's touted as "EDM's youngest superstar" thanks to collaborations with artists like David Guetta, Troye Sivan and Dua Lipa. He seems to have earned that title not just based on his resume — all you had to do was watch his energy during the closing ceremony to understand why everyone loves him. Garrix made sure the night ended on a good note, and the athletes seemed to have an amazing time dancing along to his music. Even the athletes who aren't taking home medals have a lot to celebrate, so I can't blame them for letting loose and dancing their hearts out as the Olympics officially came to a close.

Naturally, people who were watching from home were letting loose as well — on Twitter, of course.

That Moment When The Olympic Stadium Becomes A Dance Club

Honestly, how could you *not* start dancing?

The Perfect Closing Act

Garrix kept energy high following EXO's highly anticipated performance — and even took the excitement up another notch. As someone who is decidedly not athletic, his level of energy made me feel exhausted.

But He Wasn't Alone...

Also performing was DJ Raiden, who stunned audiences when he also picked up a guitar.

Who Is He??

Some people had no idea who Garrix is, so they were slightly confused. But even if you aren't familiar with him, it was hard not to get into his awesome set.

He's How Old?!

If you didn't already feel unaccomplished after watching people younger than you win gold medals, Garrix performing on the Olympics stage at 21 years old should do the trick. He's seriously killing it.

Favorite Parts

There were so many amazing things to like about the closing ceremony — but for many people watching at home, it was the dancing at the end that really made the whole event feel special.

The Whole Thing Just Warms Your Heart

Aww, this is what the whole thing is really about. Yes, the athletes are there to win, but it's hard to ignore the warm, fuzzy feeling you felt watching everyone dance together.

I Mean, Really

If you told me that any athletes didn't get along after that closing ceremony end, I'd be heartbroken. The dance party makes it easy to feel faith in humanity and all that good stuff.

And Commentators Got In On The Fun

I like to think I'm on top of pop culture, but I'm often way behind. I can relate to the commentators who weren't quite sure what was happening but still got in on the fun.

It Was Sweet To Watch His Fandom Freak Out

Most of us were just jamming along to the show, but for Garrix's most dedicated fans, the performance was really special.

The Olympics Are Actually Over

At the end of Garrix's performance, it hit us all that the 2018 Winter Games are actually over. I'm sure the next four years will fly by, but it's still pretty sad. At least we got to end it with a dance party that reminded us why we watch the games in the first place.