Who Is The Rubber Man On 'AHS: Apocalypse'? The 'Murder House' Character Is Out For Blood


American Horror Story: Apocalypse is going all-out when it comes to inter-season connections. First there was the introduction of a now-adult Michael Langdon, and then the return of Murder House's latex-clad Rubber Man. But just who is the Rubber Man on AHS: Apocalypse, and will he be a constant presence throughout the season? As per usual, this series proves to be somewhat difficult (if not downright impossible) to predict, but hey, that's half the fun of it all, right?

Rubber Man first appeared in the AHS universe as a faceless figure who silently stalked the halls of Murder House and killed whenever he saw fit. He also raped and impregnated Connie Britton's character, Vivien Harmon, leading to the birth of the mysterious and now grown-up Michael Langdon. Eventually, it was revealed that Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) was the rubber man, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the one donning the black suit this time around.


Not only would that mean Apocalypse's second episode included some Evan Peters-on-Evan Peters action (meta!), but the ghosts of Murder House are unable to leave the premises unless it's Halloween. How, then, would Tate be able to wander over to Outpost 3? Could the apocalypse have done something to sever the ghostly ties Murder House? Maybe Michael figured out a way to let the spirits roam freely all year round — that way he could have his dad with him on his little business trips. On AHS, anything is possible, but it's just as likely that the Rubber Man Mr. Gallant encountered is someone else entirely.

Mr. Gallant seems convinced that Michael is actually the one underneath the latex. He denied the accusation, but if, as Billie Dean Howard suggested, he is the antichrist, then he's more than capable of lying. He was the one, after all, who wanted to know Mr. Gallant's darkest secrets (like how he hates his grandmother), and then just happened to show up after Gallant hallucinated his grandmother was the Rubber Man and mistakenly stabbed her to death. Michael definitely had a hand in how that all played out, but was he actually the one in the costume? If it is him, he's not saying.


Plus, the Rubber Man only showed up after Michael arrived, which means it's likely him or someone he brought with him. So, you can probably check all the other Outpost 3 members off of the list of suspects. Maybe one of the other Murder House ghosts was recruited to accompany Michael on his journey. Perhaps it's someone from The Cooperative and it's all part of the "test" to see who deserves to be in the sanctuary. At this point, who knows!

It's unclear whether or not the Rubber Man will be a continued presence throughout the season or if this was just a brief cameo meant to quench our Murder House thirst. Either way, hopefully this killer will eventually be unmasked and we can know once and for all which hell-raiser is behind the mask.