Troy Ramey's Blind 'Voice' Audition Was Heartfelt

Tyler Golden/NBC

"You have lifetimes in your voice," were the exact words that came out of Alicia Keys' mouth on Monday night after she met singer Troy Ramey. Ramey's blind audition on The Voice blew the judges away and for good reason: he's got serious pipes. The soul, the emotion, the power, and the total presence of mind that Ramey brought to the fourth night of blind auditions on The Voice was absolutely moving to watch.

Keys' words about Ramey's voice are absolutely true, too. If you had been fortunate enough to listen to Ramey's audition, you'd concur with Keys that there was something special lifting Ramey's voice up and quickly marking him as one of the top contenders on Season 12 of The Voice. I had goosebumps watching him sing, y'all. Goose. Bumps.

Before he went onstage, we learned that Ramey hailed from Sea Cliff, New York. There, he is used to singing privately and honing his musical talent on his own. He grew up in a musical home and his father, a musician to the bone, brought Ramey into the musical fold as a child. His father died when Ramey was a young man from complications from throat cancer. Ramey's song choice for his blind audition would be a way of honoring his father's musical dreams.

Ramey chose to sing his father's favorite song, Cat Stevens' "Wild World." The song was a bold choice but it was absolutely the right one for Ramey. By infusing the emotional connection he carried with his now-deceased father into a song with so much personal history, Ramey was able to knock his blind audition out of the park. He got all four judges to turn around. It was the first time is happened during the fourth night of blind auditions but it was definitely a sign of good things to come.

In the end, Ramey chose to go with Team Gwen. There was definitely some adorably jockeying from the judges, who had all turned around, for Ramey to wade through before he arrived at Stefani. It was a solid choice and there's no doubt in my mind that Ramey will absolutely stun us all on the rest of this season of The Voice.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Ramey chose Team Alicia on The Voice.