'The Bachelor' Isn't Vanessa's First Time On TV

Rick Rowell/ABC

Another winter is here, and another season of The Bachelor is about to start – it’s a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. I couldn’t care less about football, but get me in front of a Bachelor fantasy board and I can’t control myself. But, with Nick Viall’s season, it’s going to be especially hard to learn every woman’s name, mostly because there are 30 of them. That being said, I know a potential winner when I see one, and I think that Vanessa has the brains and beauty to make it through to at least the final four of Nick’s heart. But who is Vanessa from The Bachelor?

According to her ABC.com profile, Vanessa Grimaldi is a 29-year-old special education teacher from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. She loves what she does, is close with her family, and if that doesn’t sound enough like a woman you could bring home to your mother, Vanessa also speaks three languages — French, English, and Italian. She's also beautiful, which certainly helps, but Vanessa is relatable, too. When asked what she is she most afraid of, she responded, “Hurting people’s feelings.” And, as for her ideal guy: “I don't really have a type, but a great smile is definitely necessary.” Vanessa, you are speaking the language of The Bachelor right there!

Rick Rowell/ABC

As a disciple of Internet sleuthing, I tried to dig a little deeper into Vanessa’s social media and background to read between the lines and see things about Vanessa that maybe ABC wouldn’t tell us. While her social is airtight (I hate private social media accounts, especially when I’m feeling nosy), I did find some interesting information by way of an IMDB account! Turns out that Vanessa has some acting roles under her belt, making appearances in shows like Blue Mountain State, Being Human, and Ascension. She also appeared in YouTube videos for the brand GameLoft talking about the latest video game releases. The fact that Vanessa dipped her toe in the Hollywood pool gives me pause for her turn on The Bachelor, mostly because being on The Bachelor is a great way to get exposure. That being said, being a special education teacher isn’t an easy job, and it seems like Vanessa loves doing it, so I think she’s on The Bachelor for the right reasons. Yes, that’s my first “right reasons” of the season, people.

What are Vanessa’s chances of taking home Nick’s heart? I haven’t seen any of Nick’s season yet (and I refuse to read spoilers because I like to be surprised when watching a six-week love affair turn into a proposal), but to me, Vanessa seems like Nick’s type. Firstly, she looks a lot like Andi Dorfman, whom Nick was in love with when he wanted to propose to heron her season of The Bachelorette,and I think sultry, dark-haired women are Nick’s type. Secondly, Vanessa has a job and a life, and that stuff is sexy — she is her own person. She’s also close with her family, and Nick is from a big family — remember how heartbroken his mother and baby sister were when Nick got dumped (twice) on national television? Seems to me that a lot of stars are aligning here!

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see if sparks fly between Nick and Vanessa, but I think these two have a chance.