Vlada Haggerty Is Smashbox's Lip Editor In Chief

by Kali Borovic

Odds are you've seen Smashbox's new Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick line, but that isn't the only exciting makeup news coming from the brand. According to Instagram, Smashbox hired a "Lip Editor In Chief" and she's no stranger to the lipstick world. Who is Vlada Haggerty, you ask? She's now in charge of all of Smashbox's lip art, and odds are you've seen her work before. Here's a rundown on the makeup artist and a sneak peek of what's to come.

To put it simply, Haggerty takes the term "makeup artist" to a whole new level. Not only does she apply the makeup, but she, quite literally, turns it into art as well. One look at her professional website and you'll see just how talented she is. Haggerty has created lip art to look like ice cream sundaes, fruit, and is always on top of color and texture trends.

While I'm not completely sure what the title of "Lip Editor In Chief" means, for now it looks like she's in charge of all of the lip art on Smashbox's social media. According to Smashbox's Instagram, "she's starting by creating her signature lip art with our new #BeLegendaryLiquidLip in Metals." To me that sounds like much more is on the way but for now she's got some serious gorgeous artwork up on the Smashbox Instagram.

Haggerty is known for her lip drips, which you may be familiar with if you scour Instagram for beauty inspo. There was even a bit of controversy between the artist and a little brand called Kylie Cosmetics when, according to Teen Vogue, some of Haggerty's fans noticed a few similarities between the makeup artist's work and some of the brand's promotional images, leading them to believe that Kylie Jenner's brand was allegedly taking heavy inspo from Haggerty. Jenner eventually gave the makeup artist a shout-out on her social media page, according to the publication.

So far, the Lip Editor In Chief has created three looks for Smashbox's Instagram page. The images highlights the new Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick shades. They include jewel, foil, and even fresh fruit. If this is only the start of the art, I can't wait to see what's to come.

I highly suggest heading over to the Smashbox Instagram page and checking them out. I will warn you though. One look and you'll want to buy every single Liquid Lipstick shade.