Emilia Had A Reason To Run On ‘Ingobernable’

Dan MacMedan/Netflix

Spoilers for the first three episodes of Ingobernable ahead. Heading into Netflix's newest political drama, Ingobernable, I wasn't sure what to expect. The lead-up for the show had been relatively quiet, and its description had teased only vague details about Emilia Urquiza, a strong-willed woman who must uncover the truth after losing faith in her husband. It was surprising, then, when the first episode barreled head first into high-stakes action: following an abusive encounter with her husband, Diego, Emilia wakes up to find him dead on the street below. She immediately flees the scene, but it seems obvious that she's innocent, or at the very least has a clear-cut case of self-defense. So, why did Emilia run from the police on Ingobernable?

It's a complicated answer, but let's start with the facts. Thus far, the series has framed Diego's death in a way that suggests Emilia didn't kill him. Throughout their gut-wrenchingly violent exchange, she repeatedly pleads with him to let her go and tries several times to break free from his vicious pursuit. After retrieving a gun from their safe, she has the chance to shoot him, but she doesn't take it, making clear that Emilia only wants to escape her husband, not kill him.

Eventually, Diego chases Emilia onto the balcony, where she shoves him before smacking her head and slipping unconscious. It doesn't show where Diego lands, so at first, it seems possible that Emilia's push caused him to fall over the guardrail, but an autopsy later reveals his cause of death was a bullet to the head. It's suspicious, then, when Emilia wakes up to find the same gun in her hand that she'd pointed at Diego during their struggle. She'd lost hold of it in the bedroom, so how it got outside seems to imply someone else came into the room, murdered Diego, and tried to frame her for it. Later, Emilia reveals that's exactly why she left the scene.

Leon Galan Marquez/Netflix

Had she stayed, it's possible she could have explained what happened, but without a witness, she would have to risk the possibility that the police wouldn't buy her story. This isn't a reason Emilia addresses, but it's been reported that police response to domestic abuse is often inadequate, and unfortunately, victim-blaming is still very much ingrained in modern day culture. As the President of Mexico, Diego was a powerful man, and it's not a stretch to assume there may be some reluctance to believe accusations waged against such a prominent political figure. Add that to the fact that Emilia and Diego were going through a messy divorce that Diego refused to partake in, and there are plenty of reasons Emilia may be hesitant to come forward — whether or not those fears would be realized.

She also doesn't know who did kill Diego or what sort of other evidence they could have planted to make her look guilty. Any enemy of the president would likely stop at nothing to cover up their crime, and Emilia staying in the public eye would only make it easier for the suspect(s) to track her down.

Three episodes in, Ingobernable is still a tangled web of secrets, and if things continue, it will likely be some time before we get any answers about what really happened in that room. For now, Emilia has made her choice, and she'll have to solve the mystery behind Diego's murder on her own if she wants to avoid a life behind bars.