'Mrs. Fletcher' Star Jackson White Has A Famous Mom You'd Definitely Recognize

Jackson White Is The Son Of A Familiar Television Face
Sarah Shatz/HBO

Though Mrs. Fletcher is largely about its titular character's journey to rediscover herself, it regularly checks in with her son Brendan, played by Jackson White. It's his leaving for college that spurs his mother's sexual re-exploration; now with an empty home, she finds herself having increasingly vivid fantasies — and wanting to act on them. But according to White, Brendan will be getting a sexual education of his own.

"Physically, [Brendan] emulates what he sees in porn," the actor told MEAWW in a recent interview. "I think [he's] someone who maybe innately, down under, knows he's not doing the best things with women... and he's almost subconsciously moving away from his mother relationship, because he knows he's doing something wrong."

For Brendan, college is a rude awakening. "In high school, everyone liked me," he says in the Mrs. Fletcher trailer. "Now I'm the bad guy. I don't know how that happened."

But while White may play a "bad guy" in Mrs. Fletcher, his real-life mother — Married... With Children and Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal — is more than happy to sing his praises. "Proud mama," she captioned an Instagram post announcing his upcoming role in music industry coming-of-age drama The Space Between, in which he plays a wannabe record exec alongside Kelsey Grammer's washed up rock star.

Still, given Mrs. Fletcher's explicit nature, Sagal told The Talk she's prepared to "close her eyes at certain spots" while watching her son in his biggest project yet.

For White, nabbing a role opposite Kathryn Hahn in a high-profile HBO comedy is huge. He's previously had only a handful of parts, appearing in the 2017 teen rom-com SPF-18 as well as ABC sitcom The Middle and CBS action series SEAL Team. With The Space Between — which is being directed by Dallas Buyers Club producer Rachel Winter — on the horizon, this could be his breakout year.