Who Plays Kyle West On 'The Arrangement'? Josh Henderson Moved From 'Dallas' To Hollywood

Daniel Power/E! Entertainment

It takes a real handsome star to play a fictional handsome star, so it’s not surprising that Josh Henderson plays Kyle West on The Arrangement. On the new E! scripted series, Kyle is a desired, contract-marriage-seeking movie star, and though his own stardom isn't quite at the level of his character's yet, Henderson has built an impressive Hollywood resume. The Arrangement seems like just the series to make the actor even more well-known, as he gets to portray someone who is smart and kind, but wrapped up in a religion called The Institute Of The Higher Mind that I suspect will only give Kyle more intrigue as the season continues.

If you already think that Henderson looks familiar, well, you’d be correct. This guy has been all over the place for years and years. He was on a reality show called Pop Stars, which was The WB's (yes, it was that long ago) answer to Making The Band. Henderson won a spot in the band Scene 23, which, unsurprisingly, was short-lived.

He got his first starring role in a (non-reality) television show called One on One before going onto appear in movies like The Girl Next Door, Yours, Mine & Ours, and Step Up (he sang in that movie, too!). He’s also been on shows like 8 Simple Rules, Desperate Housewives, and 90210. His most recent role was that of oil heir John Ross Ewing in the reboot of 1980s classic drama Dallas. Personally, I like to remember Henderson most fondly as Ashlee Simpson’s IRL boyfriend in the first season of her MTV reality show, but I just like to remember people at their best, you know?

Daniel Power/E! Entertainment

Henderson is a great choice for Kyle West, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does with the role. At first glance, Kyle seems like your typical aloof movie star, but there’s definitely an inkling for real life and, most importantly, real connection behind those sparkling eyes. Will Megan be able to give that to him? He seems to think so, hence that whole marriage contract thing. We’ll have to see what happens as The Arrangement continues and gives Henderson even more to sink his teeth into.