Who Plays Uhtred In 'The Last Kingdom'? This Actor Will Be Familiar To 'AHS' Fans

If you're currently in the middle of an epic marathon watch of The Last Kingdom Season 2, which returns to Netflix on Friday, then I totally know what's on your mind. Either you feel like you've seen him before or you don't know how a man could possibly be so dreamy, but, either way, who plays Uhtred in The Last Kingdom has probably flitted through your thoughts at last once. And, listen, I don't blame you, because I've totally been asking the same thing. The actor who plays Uhtred Of Bebbanburg is the German-born Alexander Dreymon, and there's one other major role that you may recognize him from.

Though he looks almost unrecognizable in The Last Kingdom by comparison, Dreymon is the actor who played Luke Ramsay in American Horror Story: Coven. If you're a fan of the show, you'll most definitely remember him as the well mannered, super hot neighbor who attracts the attentions of the girls at Miss Robichaux's Academy. He did a whole lot of topless sunbathing and enjoyed a tragic romance with Nan, who he literally jumped in front of a bullet for. It's OK if that suddenly makes your last boyfriend seem less thoughtful you remember them being.


While Dreymon's physical attributes are certainly memorable and given as much screen time in The Last Kingdom as they received in American Horror Story, it's not something that he's particularly comfortable with being renowned for. He revealed as much in an interview with The Guardian about The Last Kingdom in 2015, where he said:

"I feel very passionate about the show, and if that’s going to help people get into watching, then I’m fine with it. On a personal level, I don’t exactly thrive on the idea of being known as the guy who goes topless — because I also took my shirt off on American Horror Story: Coven — but I think in The Last Kingdom it’s mainly done in the right way."

Which is fair. Especially when you consider that Dreymon is a talented actor, who deserves to be acknowledged for more than just his looks. In addition to these two series, he's also appeared in the 2014 independent vampire film Blood Ransom, among other small projects.

What's clear from watching The Last Kingdom is the fact that Dreymon clearly enjoys playing Uhtred, portraying the character with a boyish charm that's refreshing to see in what can be such a blood-soaked, heavy series. "He’s charismatic, but he’s got flaws," the actor said in an interview with The Daily Express. "I like his cheekiness and the fact that he gets himself into really messed-up situations. He’s impulsive, and that’s fun to play."

Suffice to say, it's also incredibly fun to watch, too.