You've Probably Seen (Or Heard) 'Genius' Young Einstein Before

National Geographic/Robert Viglasky

National Geographic's Genius, a biographical series about Albert Einstein, premiered Tuesday, April 25. The show depicts the ups and downs of Einstein's personal and professional life, from his youth on. Audiences will see Einstein as a young man, as well as the likeness we most associate him with: an older man with wild, grey hair. But, back to that young portrayal: I can't be the only one watching the Genius trailers and thinking "Who's that handsome young scientist?" So, who plays young Einstein on Genius?

Two men bring Einstein to life on National Geographic's Genius. Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush plays the Einstein you know best from iconic photos — an Einstein with untamed hair and an established reputation. Johnny Flynn plays the younger version of the famous scientist. The whole show will give new insight into the man behind the name. And his early career is probably lesser known to audiences who associate Einstein with his bombshell theory of relativity.

Before tuning into Genius on April 25, get to know the 34-year-old actor bringing Einstein's origins to television. Here's where you've seen Johnny Flynn before along with some things we were able to find out about him via his social media presence.


After they changed the title from Scrotal Recall to Lovesick, you probably felt more comfortable recommending this Netflix original to friends. Flynn stars on the British romantic comedy series as the lead character, Dylan.

'Clouds of Sils Maria'

Flynn played Christopher Giles in the 2015 film, which portrays the complicated triangle between an established actress, her assistant, and an ingenue who she fears will take her place.


Flynn starred on the one-season British sitcom, Brotherhood, about three siblings who have to lean on each other after the death of their mother.

He's Also A Musician

Johnny Flynn has released numerous folky albums with his band, the Sussex Wit. They've been around since 2006 and have released five full-length albums.

He's A Dad

He has two children with his wife, set designer Beatrice Minns. There are tons of cute kid pics on his Twitter account.

Johnny Flynn has been entertaining people for a while, but playing young Einstein in Genius could be his breakthrough moment.