'MST3K' Has A New Robot Gang

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Darren Michaels, SMPSP

Fellow nerds, give me your hands. The time has come for celebration. That's right, Netflix has revived Mystery Science Theater 3000 and it is available for non-stop marathon streaming on April 14. With a ton of new cast members stepping into characters aboard the Satellite of Love and some original cast members thrown in for good measure, the revival should have the familiar feel of the original: decidedly cheesy in the best possible way. All of your favorite MST3K robots will be joining a host (Jonah Heston, played by Jonah Ray) to make fun of terrible movies. But different actors will be lending their voices to the parts. So, who voices the robots in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return?

You can rejoice once again, because the entire original gang of robots are coming back to MST3K in all of their glory. That's right: Gypsy, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo will be returning to keep this new host (or more accurately, prisoner) company. The robots' main purpose has always been to hilariously snark with the human host about the really bad films that he was sent there to watch. None of the original actors are returning specifically to voice their robot roles from the original run of the series, sadly. But some of them may make cameos in other capacities.

Darren Michaels, SMPSP

They're passing the torch to these new voices for the robots of Mystery Science Theater 3000:

Gypsy, Voiced By Rebecca Hanson

Gypsy was originally voiced by Jim Mallon. Hanson is the first woman to voice the character and according to The Los Angeles Times, she hopes to make Gypsy her own. “Now that Gypsy is voiced by a woman, there's just a different point of view there," Hanson said. The comedian is known for her work with The Second City touring company.

Crow T. Robot, Voiced By Hampton Yount

Crow was originally voiced by two different actors. Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett both had a turn playing the beloved and inappropriately hilarious robot. Now, Hampton Yount will be stepping into those very big shoes. You may know his comedy from his appearance on the 2014 season of Last Comic Standing. He has also appeared on Conan and worked as a producer on Ridiculousness and a writer on The Eric Andre Show.

Tom Servo, Voiced By Baron Vaughn

Tom Servo has also had two different actors previously voice the character: Kevin Murphy and J. Elvis Weinstein. In the revival, the torch will be passed to Baron Vaughn. Vaughn has already had a lot of success in the comedy world, making appearances on Grace And Frankie and Comedy Bang! Bang! Recently he shot a docuseries called Fatherless for Fusion, which will follow his search for his real father.

With this much talent behind those critical robots, I really think fans of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 will feel right at home with the Satellite of Love and its new crew of weirdos.