Demi's Girlfriend From Before 'Paradise' Is About To Change Everything On The Show


Last week, Demi revealed to Derek on Bachelor in Paradise that, prior to the show, she was dating a woman she still has feelings for, which is why she hasn't been able to fully invest in him. He took it well and reassured her they can take things slow, but it seems like this is only the beginning of their brewing love triangle. Based on previews for the rest of the season, it looks like Demi's girlfriend from before Paradise will be joining her in Mexico, which likely will only further complicate Demi's feelings.

As far as who this mystery woman is, all we've seen in promos is that she also appears to be a blonde. Unfortunately, Demi's social media doesn't really give any further insight Most of the women featured in her instagram photos are already in Paradise forming relationships of their own, or are taken.

Fans have known about Demi's previous relationship since the beginning of BiP Season 6, as she told Hannah B. about it in her intro package. She said she and the women are "head over heels" for each other, but that she wanted to go on the show because she'd been indecisive, and wanted to figure out what (and who) she truly wants.

Upon arriving in Paradise, she formed a fast connection with Derek, and the two have been going strong ever since. Wills even said they act like boyfriend and girlfriend. But during the time Demi was spending with Derek, she still had the woman from home in the back of her mind. That's when she decided to turn to her friend, Katie.

"Katie, I'm going crazy," she confessed. "I've been dating a woman back home. I do miss her and I think about her all the time and I am like, so in with her, but like I'm trying to come here and figure out stuff about myself and see if maybe I was just you know, so in it with her because I wasn't talking to anybody else and investing all my time with her. I really don't know what I want and that's what I'm trying to figure out, and I don't want to hurt anybody. I want to do what's going to make my heart the happiest. I'm always afraid of how people are gonna take it."

For Demi, this conversation and finally acknowledging her lingering feelings for this woman made her feel like she was finally embracing her true self, which was very scary for her to do. "I just wanna be 100% myself but it's really hard," she said. But according to promos containing more unaired clips, she begins to feel much more comfortable after the mystery woman arrives.

"I'm interested in a woman and it feels crazy, but it feels right," she says. "I can't wait to be alone with her." And in Paradise, she will be. Aside from the cameras and millions of viewers watching her from home, of course. Hopefully Derek isn't too crushed.