'Scandal' Officially Has Its New President

by Nicole Pomarico
Richard Cartwright/ABC

All season long, a certain Shondaland show has left me with one big, burning question: Who will the next president be on Scandal? After Frankie Vargas was murdered on election night, the choice is between Mellie Grant and Cyrus Beene, and on Thursday night's episode, we finally have the answer we've been waiting for. It's official: Mellie Grant is president on Scandal, but that doesn't mean she's getting everything she wanted.

Considering the fact that Mellie hasn't been willing to give up her second chance at the oval all this time, she didn't exactly take it well when Olivia suggested she concede to Cyrus. What Olivia was saying made sense; Frankie's party was the one that won, so it would make sense that, since the people had spoken and wanted a democratic candidate, the gig go to Cyrus, his running mate. And since Cyrus was finally released from prison, the role was his for the taking.

There's just one problem: After a little convincing from the political shark known as Elizabeth North, Mellie realized she shouldn't give up a potential victory that quickly, creating a race between Mellie and Lizzie and Olivia, Cyrus, and her gladiators... even though Cyrus wasn't totally welcoming of her help.

And fighting against Olivia is definitely something you don't want to do. She even got Frankie's wife, Luna, to go on TV and offer her endorsement, claiming that it's what her husband would have wanted. And after a rousing press conference from Cyrus, ensuring the American people that he's the right man for the job, it seems like he has it in the bag — but does he?

After straight up murdering Lizzie right in front of Mellie, the mystery woman proves she's going to do whatever it takes to make her president... and to become her chief of staff after she wins. And apparently, it worked, because after the electoral college voted, the job went to Mellie.

Now, Scandal officially has its first female president, but will it put Olivia in even further danger? I can't wait to find out. Even after six seasons, this show still manages to surprise me!