This 'Drag Race: All Stars' Friendship Might Predict The Season 4 Winner


Spoilers ahead for the RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars Season 4, Episode 4. Three queens have already sashayed away from their chance at becoming the next reigning all-star, and as the stakes grow even higher, the remaining girls are quickly realizing that who wins RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4 could be entirely based on who they're friends with. Unlike standard operations on Drag Race, the judges don't choose who goes home on All Stars. The episode's challenge winner does. Only three episodes in, that power has already created some serious tension when it comes to elimination, and on the Jan. 4, it all came to a head.

After an improv challenge themed "Jersey Justice," a spoof of Judge Judy with a Jersey Shore twist, sisters Monét X Change and the legendary Latrice Royal found themselves in the bottom two. It shouldn't be surprising that everyone who ends up in the bottom on All Stars are still phenomenal queens, considering it's a competition between established, talented people, but that conclusion didn't make this week's lineup any easier to accept.

When Farrah Moan found herself in the bottom on Episode 1, she remained safe because she was saved by her friend, victor Trinity the Tuck. Manila Luzon finally sent her home the next week in favor of Monique Heart. But when Manila and Monique both found themselves in the top this week, they became wrought with sadness. Someone dear to them would have to go home no matter what, and one of them was going to have to decide who.

Before lip-syncing against Monique for the power to make the elimination decision, Manila made it clear that she planned to win and save her best friend, Latrice. Manila and Latrice have a long-standing history as best friends and teammates on All Stars Season 1, and they've basically made a pact to keep each other safe in this competition for as long as possible.

Monique, on the other hand, is very close with her Season 10 sister, Monét, but adores Latrice as the legend and icon of drag that she is. Latrice has such a well-established reputation, it's kind of an unspoken truth that no one would feel comfortable sending her home. Even Valentina, who was safe this week, told her dear friend Trinity that if she had to choose between her and Latrice, she would be forced to save Latrice. "I'm sending your ass home b*tch," she said. "Because sending Latrice home, that's too much."

"You'd send me home even though I'd save you?" Trinity asked.

"She's the dearly beloved," Valentina shrugged.

As many of the queens have pointed out, there is no rule book to the All Stars race, and no basis on which victorious queens are required to make their elimination decisions. So at this point, being friends with the winner seems to be the biggest advantage.

Unfortunately for Latrice, Manila didn't win the lip-sync against Monique, so her safety wasn't guaranteed. And everyone was shocked to hear that Monique, in fact, chose to save her friend Monét and not the legendary Latrice. When there are no rules, you have to expect the unexpected!

Now that Manila has lost her other half, it looks like reigning duo Monique and Monet are All Stars 4's reigning dynamic duo. And if they can keep up their momentum, their friendship could be what gets them to the end.