Here's Who's Still Left On 'The Bachelor' With Arie

Paul Hebert/ABC

It may be way too early to start speculating about who wins The Bachelor. (It's definitely too early, it's premiere night.) But, hey, a fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do. That's why, throughout the season, this post will be updated with which contestants are still left on The Bachelor and in the running for Arie's heart.

It's worth noting that it's pretty likely someone will walk away with a ring at the end of all this. Arie is five years older than he was on The Bachelorette — and he was ready to propose then. He's also talked about how he's ready to settle down after The Bachelor, and it's unlikely that will change throughout this season. In fact, Arie told Us Weekly that he actually fell in love with two people — which should make for a pretty dramatic final rose ceremony. He told the magazine:

“The journey obviously was a great experience and I did fall in love. I actually fell in love with two people … The toughest part about being the Bachelor would probably be the end, making tough decisions toward the end. I mean, that’s the hardest decision of your life, really. It’s a forever decision, so it’s not taken lightly. I think that was probably the hardest thing.”

That hints that he did make a decision in the end and fall in love. So, who with? Well, here's who it could still be.

Won The Final Rose

Becca K.

Age: 27

Job: Publicist

Becca technically won the show, but Arie dumped her soon after.

Eliminated From The Show


Age: 26

Job: Physical therapist

Being Raven's friend didn't help her win.


Age: 26

Job: Creative director

She was sent home in third place.

Lauren B.

Age: 25

Job: Technology salesperson

Arie sent her home... and then regretted it. TBD for them...


Age: 27

Job: Commercial real estate manager

She was sent home right before hometowns.

Bekah M.

Age: Not listed, but she said 22 in the premiere

Job: Nanny

Arie just couldn't see them together long term.


Age: 26

Job: Research coordinator

She eliminated herself.


Age: 29

Job: Real estate executive assistant

She was sent home in Week 6.


Age: 28

Job: Social media manager

Jenna didn't make the cut.


Age: 30

Job: Fitness coach

She got sent home during the two-on-one date.


Age: 25

Job: Real estate agent

She was sent packing in Week 5.


Age: 23

Job: Photographer

She couldn't make a lasting impression.


Age: 27

Job: Restaurant owner

Arie wasn't feeling it after Week 5.

Brittany T.

Age: 30

Job: Tech recruiter

Brittany wasn't able to go all the way.


Age: 26

Job: Realtor

It wasn't meant to be in Week 4.


Age: 30

Job: Executive assistant

She couldn't make a lasting romance happen.


Age: 32

Job: Event designer

Arie just wasn't feeling it.

Lauren S.

Age: 31

Job: Social media manager

Another Lauren bites the dust.

Lauren G.

Age: 26

Job: Executive recruiter

She was sent packing in the second week.


Age: 25

Job: Server

Valerie got cut in Week 2.


Age: 25

Job: Graphic designer

In an emotional exit, Jenny said she was most said about leaving her new friends, not Arie.

Lauren J.

Age: 33

Job: Recent masters graduate

She couldn't make the grade.


Age: 23

Job: Marketing associate

Not this time!


Age: 27

Job: Personal stylist

Ali wasn't cut out for the competition.


Age: 26

Job: Television host

Jessica was devastated to be sent home night one.


Age: 30

Job: Orthopedic nurse

Unfortunately, Arie wasn't feeling it.


Age: 25

Job: Sports reporter

Not this time, Bri.


Age: 27

Job: Marketing manager

Sorry, Brittane.


Age: 29

Job: Business Owner

Wasn't in the cards for Amber.

Check back weekly for the updated list!