Hold Up — Whole Foods Is Having A Ginormous, 12-Day Cheese Sale

Ever year around the holidays there is likely some point where you find yourself humming "The 12 Days of Christmas." Let me help you get that song out of your head with this amazing replacement. The Whole Foods' 12 Days of Cheese sale is real, so now you can start singing about the 12 Days of Cheese instead. Because, cheese! Whole Foods announced that from Dec. 8-19, you can get 50 percent off select cheeses that are being featured each day during the 12 Days of Cheese. And, if you think no one could love cheese more than you, being a cheese expert is actually a career, and the cheeses chosen for the 12 Days of Cheese were carefully curated by people who have dedicated their lives to cheese.

According to a press release from Whole Foods, "This highly trained group has been certified by the American Cheese Society for their expertise in cheese storage and handling, nutrition, distribution, raw materials, the ripening process, the making process, and on categories and types of cheeses." This means that you can be sure that the cheeses you get during the 12 Days of Cheese are the absolute best cheeses available, which is pretty effing exciting is you love cheese more than you love your partner.

But, my friendlies, that's not all. What's cheese without wine? Well, I'm glad you asked. "Whole Foods Market’s Master Sommelier, Devon Broglie, paired each cheese with a wine from the Sommelier Best in Class Holiday Wines list available in stores throughout the season," Whole Foods noted. "This specially curated group of wines were chosen to pair exceptionally well with seasonal flavors."

The 12 Days of Cheese could make going to a holiday celebration every night much less stressful. “We have selected a flavorful and diverse set of cheeses for every holiday celebration,” Whole Foods Market’s Global Executive Coordinator of Specialty and Product Innovation & Development, Cathy Strange, explained in the press release. I mean seriously, the person who brings the cheese is always a big hit, and these 12 Days of Cheese selections will make you everyone's favorite guest.

The cheeses on offer comprise a diverse array of dairy product, each of which will be on sale during its day. Dec. 8 will be a good day for lovers of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, a goat's milk cheese that started making waves in the world of cheese in 2011 for it's smooth and creamy texture, which comes from being made with exquisite care with goat's milk sourced from small pasture family farms, according to the Whole Foods blog. Dec. 9 is dedicated to Herve Mons Epoisse, a classic, artisan rind-washed cheese with a luscious mouthfeel with complex buttery flavors. This Sunday, Dec. 10, you're in luck if you love Bonne Bouche Vermont Creamery, which Whole Foods described as mild with a pleasant yeasty and light piquant flavor, and Bustle describes as tasty. Dec. 11 you'll get a cheddar from Neal's Yard Dairy (of which no two batches are alike!), and Dec. 12 you can hit up Rogue Creamery Organic Enraptured Blue cheese. Another Herve Mons, a Gabietou is up on Dec. 13, which Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Market’s Global Executive Coordinator of Specialty and Product Innovation & Development, credited with changing her life. "When I put the Gabietou in my mouth it was like I was transformed," she wrote on the Whole Foods Blog.

That video is something, right? The Emmi Roth Organic Grand Cru Reserve is what's in store on the seventh day of cheese, Dec. 14. Whole Foods said that this organic Wisconsin cheese is made on family farms that produce the cheese in traditional copper vats creating a nutty, sweet flavor with umami characteristics. On Dec. 15, turn up for Rapin Le Maréchal. According to Mirfoma, a cheese seller, "Le Maréchal is produced by a single family in the canton of Vaud, near the River Broye in Switzerland... Produced in limited quantities, each cheese wheel sports an image of the inspiring family member." Fancy. On the ninth day of cheese, you'll get Cellars At Jasper Hill Hartwell, which is a non-GMO cheese with a delicate texture. On Dec. 17, Ubriaco del Piave is on the block, which Whole Foods suggests pairing with Domaine de Petroni Corsican Red, and adding some Mostarda Pear to your cheese plate. On Dec. 18, Uplands Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve is in store, a "Three-time Best of Show winner, this cheese is broth-like with sweetness ranging from grassy to butterscotch and fruit," Whole Foods noted, and the e most-awarded cheese in American history. And finally, on the 12th day, you'll find Dutch Cheese Makers Truffle Gouda Klare Melk: a traditionally produced gouda with added truffles and mushrooms, this Dutch cheese has been made on a family farm for generations, and is now produced exclusively for Whole Foods, according to Specialty Food.

Excited yet? Get 50 percent off the featured cheese of the day during the 12 Days of Cheese, and make your holidays extra happy this year. Perhaps cheese can salvage the dumpster fire of 2017. Let's face it, cheese makes people happy, and we could all stand to indulge in some extra merrymaking this year.