Whole Foods & Amazon Just Announced A Ton Of New Deals For Prime Members

Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a longtime Amazon shopper, you've probably bought just about everything on the site — whether it's homeware, clothes, books, gifts, or a Prime membership to get in sweet deals when you watch TV or snag free shipping. But if you're a Prime member, you know that Amazon is nowhere near done bringing brand new items and experiences to customers yet. The latest of its surprises is one that will be right up your alley if you're a regular at Whole Foods: through their partnership, Amazon and Whole Foods will be offering lower prices on a huge range of food items, and increasing Prime member deals at the grocery store.

It's a great day for those of you who love to reap the benefits of your Prime membership (and it's certainly never too late to get one and check it out). A lot of us might be new to purchasing food on Amazon, but since the company acquired Whole Foods in 2017, the options and accessibility of buying everything from produce to sweet treats through the site has risen pretty significantly.

Per an announcement on Whole Foods' website, beginning April 3, customers will see all-new lower prices on hundreds of items throughout the Whole Foods repertoire. The company aimed to focus on reducing the cost of high quality, in-season produce: your favorite greens, tomatoes, tropical fruits, and more. Examples of the deals you might see in store this week include large yellow mangoes for $1 each, mixed-medley cherry tomatoes that go for $3.49 per 12-ounces, and organic bunched rainbow chard selling for $1.99 each. Per Whole Foods, tons of prices will be cut by "an average of 20 percent" on a variety of different products at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

While those benefits are open to all shoppers, it wouldn't be an Amazon partnership without additional Prime membership perks. As the price cuts begin, members will also get their hands on double the number of exclusive weekly Prime member deals, and see even larger discount opportunities. As per Whole Foods' recent press release, Prime members can get ready to see upwards of 300 Prime member deals on some of the season’s most popular items available at Whole Foods, which will be available to see on the Whole Foods site. Finally, Prime members will be privy to an additional 10 percent off hundreds of sale items when they shop at the grocery store, which they can access using the Whole Foods app.

“Whole Foods Market continues to maintain the high quality standards that we’ve championed for nearly 40 years and, with Amazon, we will lower more prices in the future, building on the positive momentum from previous price investments,” John Mackey, Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO, explained in the press release. "We will continue to focus on both lowering prices and bringing customers the quality they trust and the innovative assortment they expect from our brand."

You can check out the weekly deals for customers and Prime members on Whole Foods' website here.