Who's D'Andra Simmons? 'The Real Housewives Of Dallas' New Addition Might Stir Up Some Drama

F. Scott Schafer/Bravo

If you think you've got too much drama in your life, I'll bet you've got nothing on the cast of the Real Housewives Of Dallas, Seriously, you've got it easy, in comparison. And as if fans weren't being provided with enough entertainment already, things in Dallas are about to heat up even more. D'Andra Simmons is joining the RHOD cast on Aug. 14, and I can't wait to see what drama she brings with her. But who is this new addition to the fold?

It turns out that adding Simmons to the cast makes total sense, as she is already friends with cast members LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber, women who do not get along super well on the show. Throwing this mutual connection into the mix will probably only stir up more drama in an oh-so-watchable way. I'm sure the producers had this in mind when they cast Simmons.

But this brunette beauty has more to offer than just being a catalyst for conflict. According to Bravo, Simmons has been a sought-after socialite in Dallas for years, as her father and uncle are millionaires prominent in the social scene. But Simmons isn't just here to show her face at charity events. She's also a business owner, joining her mother's nutritional supplement company Ultimate Living and launching her own beauty line called Hard Night Good Morning. That's quite a list of commitments. Here are a few more salient details about Dallas' newest Housewife and what you might expect from her this season:

Her Husband Is A Veteran & A Photographer

Simmons is married to retired Master Sergeant in the US Airforce, Jeremy Lock. Now, the former military man has become a celebrated photographer, and certified silver fox. Here's hoping we see a lot of him this season.

She's Not Fancy 24/7

Judging from this picture, Simmons enjoys a big ol' plate of comfort food as much as the next girl... and it doesn't have to be at Dallas' fanciest establishment either. Maybe she'll bring a little bit of the down-to-earth quality that is sorely lacking on the Housewife shows.

She Spends A Lot of Time With Her Mom

Simmons' mother is the founder of Ultimate Living, so it's safe to say that these women spend a lot of time together. They look incredibly classy, so hopefully fans be seeing a lot of the mother and daughter together this season.

She Has A Lot Of Friends

It seems like even outside of the high-society social scene, Simmons has a lot of great friends that she enjoys spending time with. Maybe one of these couples will make a guest appearance on the show!

She Loves Her Dogs

These two adorable pups are all over D'Andra's Instagram, and I have a feeling that they will be the new stars of Real Housewives Of Dallas... along with their mom, of course!

Don't miss Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Dallas to check out this new Housewife, all the qualities she brings to the table, and, potentially, all the tea she has to spill.