This ‘Bachelor’ Hopeful Already Wins For Having The Cutest Dog Around

Craig Sjodin/ABC

While The Bachelor is a different kind of series than competition shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race, a contestant from Arie's season, premiering Jan. 1, would be a perfect fit for either of those. This season of The Bachelor introduces Krystal Nielson, who is a fitness trainer from Missoula, Montana and could probably easily win a title that involved physical domination. But that's not all their is to this contestant.

When asked by ABC what her favorite achievement is, Krystal responded "Finding my purpose as a health and fitness coach. I LOVE what I do for work." However, being able to fall in love with your career is a much different skill set than finding love on The Bachelor. Long time Bachelor viewers know that no amount of exercise can prepare one for the challenge of maneuvering a new relationship while your partner is dating a variety of other women that you live with. However, some competitions on the show could play to Krystal's strength, such as the the wrestling match teased in a promo for the upcoming season, making her a likely candidate for some competition-based dates.

Krystal's ability to outrun and outlift other women will be of little use if she and bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr don't have any chemistry – but there's more to Krystal than her career. Outside of The Bachelor, Krystal has her own hobbies, interests, and a very cute dog. Here's what you should know about her before the season begins:

She Enjoys The Little Things In Life

Krystal has an appreciation for the simple things in life, whether it's enjoying some flowers on a sidewalk, or spending time with her puppy. She seems to make a habit out of enjoying nature. In her ABC Q&A, she asked, "Can you ever take the country out of the girl?" If Krystal manages to stick around on The Bachelor, she'll likely get the privilege of enjoying visits to various parts of the country and the world as she attempts to woo Arie. She also enjoys the company very cute dogs — which gives her an edge over competitors who may not have very cute dogs.

She Can Cook A Good Meal

Wellness is as much about eating healthy as it is about getting exercise. When asked about her own cooking on her ABC profile, Krystal said that she is the "bomb.com," and stated that a typical Saturday Night includes "dinner out with friends or home relaxing alone with my puppies." Whether it's sitting down for a meal, crafting something up in her own kitchen, or grabbing something on the go so that she can carry around like her very cute dogs, good food is a mainstay of Krystal's life.

She Loves Animals

In her ABC profile, Krystal chose a unicorn as the animal she'd most like to be, explaining that "those who believe in magic will find it." However, judging from her Instagram feed, it seems that she's already found magic in the form of her very cute dog Wayney and the other small canines she spends her time with. While Krystal is going on The Bachelor to search for love, it seems that she's already found some important life partners. If Krystal's relationship with Arie is going to end up being more than puppy love, she had better hope that he's not a cat person.

Krystal will be one of 29 women competing for Arie's heart – and it seems that she gets pretty far along. She states in a promo for the upcoming season that she's "falling in love with Arie," indicating that she either falls for the race driver quickly or manages to stick around long enough for feelings to grow. Even if Krystal doesn't manage to win Arie's heart, in a way she already has the greatest prize of all: the company of extremely cute dogs.