Another Ghost From Matt's Past Shows Up In 'The Defenders'

SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE DEFENDERS. The first season of The Defenders could've been cruel and ended on a cheap cliffhanger. Instead of ending the series with Matt Murdock trapped under a pile of rubble and presumed dead, the final moments of The Defenders show Matt, looking beaten and bloodied, lying down in a narrow bed. Sitting on the foot of his bed is a nun, and by his side is a rosary. The nun notices that he is awake, and tries to get the attention of someone named Maggie. Who's Maggie in The Defenders, and how will she play into Season 3 of Matt's solo series, Daredevil?

Comic book fans may have jumped at the name. Because it actually announces the arrival of one of the most important characters in the Daredevil canon to the world of the show. Maggie is the nickname of Margaret Murdock, Matt's mother. Matt's relationship with his mother hasn't been explored yet in the series. But if it's anything like their connection in the comics, then things will be complicated. In Marvel lore, Maggie suffered from a severe post-partum depression that tore her family apart and resulted in her leaving her husband and child to become a nun. It's clear that the Murdocks are a family of faith, but is their shared faith enough for Matt and Maggie to have a happy reunion?

The presence of Maggie raises a great many questions leading into Daredevil Season 3. How did Matt get to her covent? Did Maggie have people retrieve Matt? Does Maggie know that Matt is Daredevil; has she been monitoring him this whole time? Is Maggie just a regular nun or is there something more going on?

While not leaving fans on a cruel "is Matt Murdock dead?" cliffhanger, the reveal that he's spending time with his mother raises a lot of questions and doesn't seem to offer any answers. Daredevil fans will have to wait until Season 3 is released to see how this reunion goes and how much Matt's mother knows about his night job.