Rebecca From 'Bachelor Winter Games' Could Be A Major Source Of Drama


Where else can sports and love intersect better than in ABC’s new series: The Bachelor Winter Games? It looks to be the Olympics of reality romance television, incorporating Bachelor contestants from other countries’ versions of the series, like Rebecca from The Bachelor Sweden. The fun in shows like this, of course, is the drama and intrigue contestants bring. And, Rebecca, it seems, will be unafraid to stir the pot in this new series.

Prior to appearing on The Bachelor Winter Games, Rebecca Carlson appeared on Season 3 of The Bachelor Sweden. While she didn’t end up with a husband or a fiancé, obviously she enjoyed her time on the show enough to be willing to do it again. According to her bio from that original series, she is a 26 year old salesperson from Karlstad, Sweden. In her Winter Games short bio video posted to YouTube, Rebecca says that she’s, “best known for being a b*tch.” Well then.

In that same introduction video she is shown to be doing stretches and workouts in preparation for the competitions. She also said that she will be looking at love as its own form of competition, as she’s very much into sports, including the winter-themed ones that will be likely to appear on the show. “I’m looking forward to the competition. I’ve done a lot of snowboarding. When I’m out there, I want to win. I’ll put you down,” she said. “I’m competitive both for guys and for sports.”

The introduction into typical Bachelor romance of what the show calls, “head-to-head … winter-themed challenges,” certainly sets The Bachelor Winter Games apart from the other Bachelor shows that have come before it (with the exception of Bachelor Pad). Then again, it was already pretty unique simply for including Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants from all around the world.

Incorporating contestants from different countries certainly had its problems. The executive producer of The Bachelor Winter Games, Bennett Graebner, explained the situation to E! News. Due to issues with Visas among other things, some contestants weren't able to make it in time for shooting. There were no problems with bringing Rebecca, though. She was cast sight-unseen because, Graebner didn’t even get to meet with Rebecca before filming. She was busy with another Bachelor related taping. “Unfortunately, when we were bringing everyone into Los Angeles to meet with us, they were shooting their Swedish Women Tell All. They couldn't make it over, so we had to go on what the Swedish showrunners were telling us and looking at tapes of the show,” he said. “Rebecca looked beautiful and great and smart.”

Rebecca is not the only Swedish contestant on Winter Games. She will be joined by fellow The Bachelor Sweden Season 3 alum, Nastassia Yaramchuk. Nastassia, like Rebecca, also failed to win Season 3 and went home without a love interest. However, it would seem that the two may butt heads on this new show. According to Elite Daily, Rebecca’s best friend on the Swedish show was the eventual winner Alexandra Nord. Reportedly, Alexandra and Rebecca didn't get along so well with the rest of the women, Nastassia included. Will that drama come into play on Winter Games? It very well could.

The inclusion of multiple contestants from the same country is par for the course for Winter Games. There are other countries besides Sweden that have at least two contestants represented, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It's possible that those contestants will also have a sour past (or possibly already be friends) but that all just makes for more drama, which fans love to tune in for. Watch Rebecca's journey beginning Feb. 13 on ABC.