Shark Week & 'Sex And The City' Have A Major Connection This Year

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Upon hearing that Shark Week 2017 and Sex And The City have a connection, pop culture connoisseurs may jump to a Chandler from Friends watches shark porn type of conclusion. While this would be great fodder for Carrie's column, the connection is a little more literal. SATC actor (and Mr. Big himself) Chris Noth is the narrator for one of Shark Week 2017's episodes. This is not a coincidence, either. The special Noth is narrating for the Discovery Channel is titled, Sharks and the City: New York. I see what you did there, Discovery.

According to Deadline, Sharks and the City: New York airs Tuesday, July 25, and follows how great white shark numbers were in decline in New York for decades. However, seals are back in New York Harbor, so are great white sharks coming back too? Deadline also reports that Noth won't be the only celebrity appearance in Sharks and the City: New York. Seal is also slated to briefly appear. The puns, they're so good.

This isn't the first time Shark Week touted a celebrity narrator. Last year, Lena Headey (aka Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones) narrated Shark Week 2016 special Air Jaws: Night Stalker. While Discovery hasn't announced other celebrity narrators this year, the Shark Week lineup is still pretty star-studded.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Eli Roth will "host five installments of wrap-up-and-preview show Shark After Dark." And, Olympian Michael Phelps is on board for two Shark Week specials. Phelps will race a shark in Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White, airing Sunday, July 23. And, Phelps will go to shark school at the Bimini Shark Lab in the aptly titled Shark School With Michael Phelps, premiering Sunday, July 30.

While celebrity appearances enhance Shark Week, fans are also tuning in for the real stars: the sharks. And, the 29th season will not disappoint Shark Week purists with titles like Shark Vortex, Sharkmania, Shark Swarm, and Shark-Croc Showdown. It may only come once a year, but Shark Week 2017 is worth the wait.