Why 'Pretty Little Liars' Should Hold Off On A Spinoff

Freeform/Eric McCandless

There was so much happening during the Pretty Little Liars series finale, but one aspect that definitely stood out was the blatant effort to set up a spinoff with the next generation of Rosewood High School students. To be honest, I think a Pretty Little Liars spinoff should not happen. Can't we just be happy with what we've got?

Pretty Little Liars literally just ended, and people are already jumping to the next thing. Slow down, guys. It feels like too much. Sure, there are a lot of viewers looking to fill a void now that PLL is off the air, but that doesn't mean a spinoff is the solution. If you ask me, it is way too soon in the show's mourning process to even consider this happening. But, since it's already being talked about, the notion should be shut down. Immediately.

While loyal fans trust the people behind PLL to provide quality TV, jumping off this existing premise may feel a little unoriginal. And the team probably knows that, because there currently isn't a confirmed spinoff in the works — rather, I think the finale functions as a sort of metaphor. The Liars' struggles may be over, but teenage girls will always face problems.

Here are more reasons there shouldn't be a spinoff of PLL, even if you really think you want one.

1. It's Too Soon

It's too soon to move on this quickly. The fans are still processing the end of PLL. Adding a PLL-adjacent show is just a lot to handle right now.

2. No One Knows These Characters

Addison, aka Alison 2.0, was barely in this season. No one knows anything about the other high schoolers, besides Emily randomly revealing that one of the girls is Maya's niece. It's just such a reach to expect anyone to care about these characters when the viewers learned nothing real about them.

3. The Déjà Vu Is Just Too Strong

Addison is an Alison rip-off. The finale ended with the girls waking up from a sleepover to find out that Addison is missing. This is the exact same way that Pretty Little Liars started. Why would the fans want to watch a show that starts out in the same exact way when they can just watch old PLL episodes?

4. Sequels Are Rarely As Good As The Original

This is just a fact of life. Lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice. Why taint the PLL legacy by adding a spinoff to the mix? There is a lot of pressure on sequels to live up to the original, and it usually doesn't work out.

5. It Feels Forced

If the framework was laid out earlier in the series, instead of just randomly throwing in all these high school girls during the series finale, it would make sense, but that's not what happened. There's not a clear purpose to continue the story.

In my opinion, this is not a good idea. It's obvious that the spinoff could potentially happen (or at least it sure looks like it), but it's just too soon.