This Could Be The Reason Your Texts Are Sending Super Slowly (No, It's Not Just You)

by Brittany Bennett

There seems to be trouble in paradise — or more specifically, the new MacOS High Sierra update. If you've noticed since updating that your texts have been delayed and are wondering why, don't worry — you're not alone, it might be due to a reported MacOS High Sierra bug, and your home screen should be blowing up with notifications again soon. There are ways in which you can get your messages back up to proper speed on your Mac. If you're confused as to why you also aren't getting notifications on your iMessage or Apple Watch, I've gathered all the information you need to know in order to get your daily operations across all affected devices back to normal. Because no thank you, I do not need a pesky MacOS bug interfering with my life!

Our schedules in today's fast-paced culture require that many people depend on their devices for alerts. We need those helpful "dings" and "bings" for upcoming calendar events or when receiving SMS or iMessage texts that could carry crucial details relating to an upcoming date. The dinner meeting was moved from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.? Yeah, you might need to know that as soon as somebody notifies you. That's why any lag or delay in a system can cause major frustration. Refrain from chucking your phone onto the subway tracks or against your bedroom wall when you finally see that text your phone didn't buzz at you for that the party you just left to attend in your new dress is actually cancelled.

The issue was first reported by AppleInsider on Tuesday morning after a number of users reported a delay in receiving text messages, or lack of a notification on their phone altogether when they had iMessage operating on MacOS High Sierra. Basically, if a Mac is up and running, it could intercept the notifications and reception on other devices such as the iPhone. Ah, yes, there's nothing quite like a text message that doesn't arrive on time to start off the weekday morning!

But the first step to resolution and keeping your cool for the sake of your perfect screen is identifying the problem. Apparently Mac users operating in this system are being affected because of a bug that's "related to changes in High Sierra that will pave the way for iCloud syncing of messages," AppleInsider reports. As iCloud continues its attempt to make our lives easier by gathering our digital information across devices in an intangible space that some of us might not completely understand, this update that would synchronize messages between devices could be to blame. This update would feature syncing all devices connected to your iCloud. So, if you deleted a message from your iPhone it would immediately be wiped from your Mac and Apple Watch too.

Whether this synching upgrade on MacOS High Sierra is the reason behind the "Serious Bug" as classified by a community bug report that was created or not, there are ways in which users are finding to mend the nuisance.

On a growing message board of people helping people through this frustrating time for iPhones, a suggestion has been made to downgrade to MacOS Sierra. While some users have found this temporary downgrade helpful, others aren't too keen on taking a step backwards.

If you're not one for going back a generation and would rather continue to enjoy the perks of an updated operating system, users are also sharing ways for a temporarily cure. One user on the forum, Korn.body, lends advice on what led to an improvement in receiving iMessages on their devices. They write, "Disable iMessage on iPhone; Disable the iPhone number on the Mac; Log out of the Mac's iMessage; Enable iMessage on iPhone; Log in to Mac iMessage; Activate the number again in iMessage." While this might only be a temporary fix, it could allow us to have our cake and eat it too and, you know, on time. Isn't it a beautiful thing when people unite on the internet to help one another?