Arie & Lauren Aren't Getting Married On TV For A Good Reason, According This This ABC Exec

Paul Hebert/ABC

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham proved to be a ratings goldmine when the Season 22 finale of The Bachelor aired back in March — and found Arie leaving his fiancée Becca Kufrin for Lauren, his runner-up. Since then, Arie and Lauren have been very open about how happy they are together via social media. However, when it comes time for the couple to exchange their "I dos," it seems an on-camera ceremony is out of the question. So why aren't Arie and Lauren getting married on TV? They seemingly have a completely understandable reason for wanting their nuptials to remain out of the spotlight.

During a recent appearance on The View, Arie and Lauren spoke candidly about their wedding plans, including where and when it would all be happening (in Hawaii on January 12, 2019). But much to the dismay of some fans, the engaged duo also revealed that a TV special of their big day definitely isn't in the cards. “It’s in Maui — it’s at Haiku Mill which has this beautiful, old world feel with a lot of vines and greenery,” Arie explained, according to People. “It’s not your typical beach wedding. And it’s a private wedding, so not on TV — just a close group of friends. Probably 100 guests.”

Considering the backlash that occurred during Arie's Bachelor season, which concluded with him breaking things off with Becca on camera in a painfully awkward fashion, it makes sense that he and Lauren want to distance themselves from the public eye for their wedding. After all, not everyone has been excited to see them find their happily ever after at the expense of Becca's heartache. Though now that she's embarked on her own quest for love on The Bachelorette — which apparently results in an engagement, according to Becca herself — maybe some viewers won't be as put off by Arie and Lauren's love story.

“I am engaged!” Becca told People during a recent interview. “It was the happiest moment of my life. And it feels so good to say it. I still pinch myself, like, did that all just happen? It’s been a whirlwind.”

Regardless, Arie and Lauren have chosen that their wedding day be celebrated between them and their loved ones only, which is completely understandable. You may not agree with how their love story came about (I personally can't watch that After the Final Rose segment without cringing), but it seems they really are in love with each other and can't wait to start their lives together as newlyweds. And if they want to do that privately, then that's their right. Would I have totally watched a TV special of their wedding? Absolutely. (What? I can't help myself!) But I get why they decided to keep the public out of it.

According to Us Weekly, ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that he understands for the same reason. “My suspicion is they probably want a measure of privacy. I don’t think they’ve been a couple that people have been particularly kind to, so they probably didn’t want a bunch of people hate-watching their wedding," he said.

Arie and Lauren seem interested in keeping things all positive. “We’re just really happy with each other and we vibe well together,” Lauren said on The View. “We’re best friends, so we’re just ready for that next step.” However, marriage won't be the only monumental step this duo is taking. Arie and Lauren have already moved in together in Scottsdale, Arizona, which as many of you know is Arie's hometown. “We’re in our condo now and we just bought a new house,” Lauren continued. “Things are moving pretty quickly and everything’s been great.”

But while there won't be a TV special to quench fans' Bachelor wedding thirst this time around, I wouldn't be surprised if fans get an eyeful of the event through various photos they're bound to post. So don't worry — the wedding itself may be off our radar, but all the details likely won't be in short supply.