'Bachelor In Paradise' Alums Carly & Evan Revealed Why They Aren't Planning On Having More Kids

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor Nation fans love to follow post-show developments from their favorite contestants. Whether it be a new partner or podcast, any updates make for a buzzy Instagram moment. That's why Carly Waddell and Evan Bass's pregnancy announcement in May brought cheers from fans, and several adorable baby bump photos to follow. Although, Carly and Evan aren't planning to have any more children, according to a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

But if the couple's latest comments on Carly's second pregnancy are any indication, their followers should be savoring every moment. "Pregnancy is really hard," Carly explained to ET about the pair's decision to make their second child together their last. "I feel fine now that I'm, like, almost over the hump, but I'm bad that first trimester. I'm just so sick." Evan hilariously added, "So it's, like, space is our friend [during that time]."

Evan and Carly met on Bachelor on Paradise Season 3 in 2016, where they got engaged. The couple married on that very same beach in 2017 before welcoming their 1-year-old daughter Bella. Bass also has three older sons from a previous relationship, Nathan, Liam and Ensley. The couple told ET that both of the singer's pregnancies had been welcome surprises, and that they are savoring every minute of her latest. Plus, Carly and Evan revealed they've already settled on a name.

"I feel like since it's our last baby — I need to do the baby some, like, serious justice with a gender reveal and make it epic and massive and ridiculous," Evan shared about possible plans for a gender reveal to ET. "So I'm waiting on some permits and some permissions," he joked. "It's not going to be filmed, I just want to do something epic."

"It's very Evan," Carly jokingly added, while also disclosing that she knew the gender of the baby, but was keeping it to herself. "If it takes too long [to get the permit], we'll throw in the towel and do a dang piñata," Bass conceded. A piñata would certainly pay homage to the proud parents' wedding and meeting place.

Carly and Evan are experts on parenthood in the Bachelor world. Carly co-hosts a podcast alongside Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper called Mommies Tell All. But even her and Evan aren't totally decided on a name yet, though they do have one moniker option they're keeping tight-lipped about. "We've only agreed upon one [name]," Carly revealed, reportedly hinting that it's a family name.

"Beer Belly, Bella Belly, BABY BELLY!!!" Carly captioned the original adorable Instagram announcement of her second child, which featured two more close-up photos Bella next to her parents. She continued, "We so SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce Bella’s little brother or sister will be here in November!!! (If you wonder why I haven’t been on social media as much…well, this is why!)."

While fans anxiously await the November arrival of either a baby girl or baby boy for Carly and Evan, she frequently reflects on her pregnancy via the podcast. Bachelor Nation can *probably* expect gender, name, and birth announcement details on either Carly or Evan's social media.