Morgan McMichaels Has Some THOUGHTS On BeBe As The 10th 'Drag Race' Queen


Well, who saw that coming? Season 1 winner BeBe returned to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 to compete as the first former-winner looking for her second title. That stirred a lot of commentary from her other competitors at the time, some of whom were intimated at the thought of competing against a winner. But, Thursday's eliminated queen Morgan McMichaels thinks BeBe being the 10th queen is totally fabulous.

"I was obsessed," Morgan says in an interview with Bustle. “I thought it was kind of ballsy and a testament to her character. She already won the crown, she didn’t have to come back, but she chose to come back ... chose to set aside her win and say, 'I can do this again, I’m still a force to be reckoned with.'"

Morgan's opinion wasn't the only one, though. Some of the queens felt that it was a bit unfair to have a former winner compete again. When the news was announced on the show, Milk said, “She’s already had the crown, why does she need another one? Grandma, sit down. Let us other b*tches have a crown." Meanwhile, BenDeLaCreme also seemed a bit apprehensive. “I am completely intimidated,” she said. “That’s like if Ru just was like, ‘I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring, I’m competing this year too.'"

But, in Morgan's mind, it is fair to have a returning winner. "They’re still a competitor. We all win. We all won. Any b*tch that’s ever been on Drag Race has won. There are millions of girls around the world that would stab every one of us to have a shot at Drag Race," she says. As for BeBe? Morgan thinks it's cool that BeBe could "put [her] pride and ego aside [and] can say, 'Hey, I did it, and I like that. Now let’s see if any of the other girls that have won the crown can do the same thing.'"


Morgan also says she wouldn’t be opposed to even more former winners coming back into the competition, because at the end of the day a competitor is a competitor. "Let’s see if any of the other girls that have won the crown can do the same thing," she says. She even went as far as to suggest an all-winners season of All Stars. “I’d like to see all the winners go back for one big season of All Stars,” Morgan says. "That would be a lot of fun. Just all the crowned hens competing for the mega crown." Ru? Are you listening? This idea could be a game changer.

All Stars on its own is already pretty entertaining, and it is interesting to see how former competitors stack up. "It’s really hard to tell who’s going to win," Morgan says, "because just watching the talent show was insane. It was so good.” With All Stars, the queens are pretty evenly-skilled, and that’s why Morgan thinks it’s hard to pick a winner. “And therein lies the problem with All Stars," she says. "We’ve all done it before, been on the runway and been critiqued. We have a one-up as opposed to a girl on a brand new season. But the challenges are just as difficult. It’s tough, so good luck to the remaining ladies, my girls.”

As tough as it is, Morgan reveals that she wouldn’t need much time to think about whether she’d compete a third time on the show. If she was asked, she'd say yes “in a second.” Fortunately, her second chance may not even be over yet. Although, Morgan obviously couldn't confirm if she had an opportunity to earn her spot back on AS3, that has happened in enough past seasons for fans to know that all hope may not yet be lost for Morgan McMichaels...