If You Can’t Change Your Instagram Story Font Yet, Try This


If you're like me and watch Instagram stories as if they are prime-time televised entertainment, you might have begun to notice a few changes. While we are all grateful we can now accessorize our stories with GIFs, it seems some people have had access to new type face fonts that style their videos and pictures. Are you, also like me, wondering why you can't change your Instagram story font? Prepare yourself for the answer and a whole lot more creativity to exercise on your Instagram stories.

Instagram has built a platform for communities to flourish. The social media platform has been a solid destination to find inspiration and maybe even make new friends or meet new creative business partners. There is plenty of opportunity to shine and connect through your profile. And now with the ever advancing tools Instagram bestows upon us loyal users, we can ~express~ our ~brand~, or you know, thoughts, through the stories feature with a slew of new fonts.

Open your app and get ready to find the typeface that fits your style perfectly. You can change your font on Instagram stories as of today, Feb. 1, thanks to the app's new Type Mode feature. And, I'll tell you how!


Your days of not knowing how to ~style~ your stories with a little more design are officially over. Instagram first turned us all into amateur documentarians and now it's time to update your resume to "amateur digital artist". The new Type Mode in Instagram stories will launch today, Feb. 1 for all of us to play around with. A spokesperson tells Bustle about the perks of this feature, "[it's] a new way to share anything that’s on your mind with creative text styles and backgrounds — no photo or video required. Now, you can turn your most random thoughts into something colorful and expressive." Yeah, you don't even need to shoot a picture or video before using the font. You can just ~type~ your mind.

In order to share your thoughts with your followers, or the world, all you need to do is open your camera as you would when creating any old story. Next to where it typically says "NORMAL" under the record button, you'll find a new option called "TYPE". This is the new type mode that will lead you down a new, perhaps more literary way to tell your stories. This is next level self publishing. Write your own fairytales, cue cards, make your own old fashioned silent movie! The creative possibilities are endless. You can literally ~script~ a story when using the curvy and romantic script font. But if you still aren't seeing an option for that, here are some steps to get type mode.

Update Your App

Brittany Bennett

Make sure that you're all up to date update-wise. Go to your app store and click on "Updates." Once updated, go to Instagram and see if you're all up to speed! But if that still doesn't work ...

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes when updating apps on your phone, all it needs is a little refresher. Try turning your phone off. When your phone reloads it, ideally, the app should be updated and working properly!

Enjoy The New Feature

Open your Instagram app back up and launch the camera to create a story in Type Mode. You should now see the "TYPE MODE" option next to where it says "NORMAL."

When using the Type Mode, you have the power to customize colors to further accentuate the story you're trying to tell. An Instagram spokesperson further explains ways to get creative, telling us, "Customize things like background color (tap circle on bottom left), text color (select text), highlight color (tap the "A" box for select styles) — you can also add a background photo by tapping the camera icon (bottom right). Once ready, tap the ">" button to add stickers and other creative touches." There is so much to play with here and sorry I'm not sorry that the rest of your day will be spent playing with this new tool.

If you simply just want to change the font when adding witty, descriptive text to a photo you're uploading, you'll be able to do so with this new and mighty feature.

The creative possibilities are endless. Just when we thought Instagram reached its peak, the social media platform continues to gift us with more multi media ways to express our creativity.