Why Can't I Watch Jared Kushner's Senate Hearing? Trump's Son-In-Law Will Testify Behind Closed Doors

On Monday, as part of the ever-expanding probe into the Donald Trump campaign's alleged Russia connections, Jared Kushner testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but unfortunately the public won't be able to tune in; it will be held behind closed doors. However, Kushner did release a copy of his prepared remarks to the media early on Monday, in which he vehemently denied any accusations of collusion.

Kushner's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing comes just days after Donald Trump Jr. admitted that he and Kushner had met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in June 2016, with the understanding that they would receive damaging information on rival Hillary Clinton's campaign. Also present at the meeting was a Russian-American lobbyist and an associate of a Russian developer with whom the Trump family business had collaborated.

In his prepared remarks, Kushner said that while he was in attendance — he arrived late and left early — the meeting focused on the topic of adoptions.

Kushner's statement even said that while he was at the meeting, he felt it was such a waste of his time that he emailed someone to get him out of there.

The president has maintained that he was not involved in the highly controversial meeting. He has also said that his son Donald Trump Jr. did not do anything wrong by taking the meeting.

So while the public unfortunately can't watch Kushner's testimony in front of the Senate intelligence committee, it seems likely that Kushner will maintain his innocence, given his prepared statement.