Canek's Conviction Isn't His Biggest 'Ingobernable' Mystery

Leon Galan Marquez/Netflix

Ingobernable keeps its secrets close. The series, a new political thriller from Netflix, doesn't waste time with introductions, instead plunging viewers straight into its many mysteries and leaving them to piece together the puzzle on their own. This results in a myriad of questions early on, including who each character is and what their part is in the story. Spoilers for the first three episodes of Ingobernable ahead. One of the most enigmatic figures is Canek (Alberto Guerra Ramos), who we meet on his first night out of jail. But why did Canek go to prison on Ingobernable, anyway?

First, let's set the scene. The plot revolves around the murder of Mexico's president, Diego Nava Martinez (Erik Hayser). On the night of his death, he attacks his wife, Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo), in an abusive rage. The two struggle, and Emilia is eventually knocked unconscious. She wakes up to find that Diego is dead, his bloody body cast off the balcony of their hotel room. A gun she aimed at him in the midst of their encounter is in her hand, even though she had left it in the bedroom. This leads her to believe that someone else came into the room to kill Diego, then set her up to take the fall. So, she flees from the police.

After meeting with her close friend Jaime Bray (Diego Cadavid), she seeks refuge at Dolores' sister Chela's house. (Dolores takes care of Emilia's two children, and is also Canek's mother.) Once there, it's revealed that Emilia helped Canek get out of prison. Three episodes in, why he was convicted remains unclear, but a flashback seems to suggest he was framed. Two years ago, Dolores began receiving anonymous calls from someone threatening her son.

"The first time he refused to pay, they threatened him. The second time, they beat him, and now they've set him up," she says, adding that the judge handling his sentencing was "corrupt."

Leon Galan Marquez/Netflix

Emilia assures her they'll do everything they can to help her son — a promise she apparently follows through on, since he is eventually released. Indebted to Emilia, Canek returns the favor by agreeing to help her evade the cops, though he does so half in part to protect his family from getting in trouble for harboring a fugitive. He recruits his friend Zyan to smuggle Emilia out through the city's underground tunnels — or so it seems.

At the end of Ingobernable's third episode, Chela destroys the video Emilia made for her children before leaving. Meanwhile, Zyan stops the van transporting Emilia and Jaime, has her accomplice pull a gun on them, and says, "You thought you could get away that easy?" This all comes moments after Canek calls Dolores to tell her any lingering debts had been paid, and they no longer owed anyone, which could mean either that he thinks he's successfully helped Emilia or that he had been plotting to hand her over to someone else the whole time.

So basically, we're no closer to figuring out why Canek was in prison or where his allegiances lie. You'll just have to keep watching and hope Ingobernable unveils some answers along the way.