The Truth About Jason Orange's Take That Departure Is Actually Totally Fair

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In the 1990s, boyband Take That dominated the charts with hits including "Back For Good", "Could It Be Magic" and "Never Forget". Later in their careers, the four of the original five Northern lads pulled off the unthinkable with an extremely successful comeback in 2005, the success of which continues right through to this day, so why did Jason Orange leave Take That?

Well, in a statement given to the Express in 2014, Orange simply said, "There have been no fallings out, only a decision on my part that I no longer wish to do this", and after offering reassurance to fans in regards to his relationship with the remaining members, he continued "I have spent some of the best years of my life with Take That and I’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey, including my band mates, who I feel are like brothers to me."

In his departing statement, the former-Take That singer also left a message of support to the remaining band members, he said "I know how much Mark, Gary and Howard enjoy writing and making music, and they know that they have my full support and encouragement to continue on with what is to be another chapter for the band."

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The announcement caused speculation as to the reason behind the decision. According to The Mirror, there were rumours which suggested that Orange hoped to pursue a more "normal" lifestyle and take outside himself out of the limelight, however former Take That manager, Nigel Martin-Smith, suggested that Orange left the band due to insecurities surrounding his musical abilities. When speaking of his relationship with the former-singer, Matin-Smith commented, “He said he couldn’t sing, he wasn’t a musician and I had no right to put him in the band. He wanted to know why I did it to him".

Despite losing two original members Take That have continued to prosper, and recently announced plans to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a Greatest Hits album titled Odyssey and accompanying UK tour, which is due to take place throughout the summer of 2019. The tour will see the band perform the very best of their music catalogue, and bring the show to cities including Manchester, Dublin, London, and more.

Although Robbie Williams, who is currently on The X Factor 2018 judging panel, has been rumoured to return for Take That's 30th anniversary, the former manager Martin-Smith told the Daily Star that he suspects Orange will not take part in the landmark occasion. When asked whether or not the former-bandmate would partake, Martin-Smith said “I’m not sure Jason will. I think he’s happier out of the limelight. I just hope he’s now content".

Despite Orange's apparent lack of interest in rejoining the iconic band, Take That fans certainly seem to miss his presence.

Whatever his reasons for leaving, I'm sure that his fellow bandmates and fans alike would welcome him back with open arms, so hopes of a fully-fledged Take That reunion aren't completely dead just yet.